super {flea} sunday.

Oh Sunday, here you are again, with your dimming light, cool breeze and fun {flea} finds! Did you all have a spectacular weekend? I had alot of fun with some of my friends, eating ice cream, organizing closets and watching movies. If every week would fly by this quickly for a year, I'll be ok with that. 

I haven't done too much {flea}ing in the weeks leading up to Josh leaving, but I did manage to snag this adorable vintage table cloth for just a dollar! 

Vintage hankies are another one of those collections that I just sort of stumbled in to and this just brings it full circle. Each "hankie" is a little different and I love the florals and crocheted edging. 

I have a table in my living room that I could throw it on, but part of me want to revamp it. What would you do with it? Pillows? Curtain? I want to hear your ideas; inspire me, please! 

I'm off to feed my little Hank (he's so ticked at me right now, I gave him a bath) and head to a friends for dinner. Cooking for one stinks and it's so much easier when you can make a little more and have some company!

See you kittens tomorrow :)


Erin said...

I totally think pillows would be adorable made from this. :)

Rebekah said...

Is there enough there to make a shirt? Because that is a GREAT pattern!

RedDirtRevival said...

ROX I just posted about a wedding that used vintage textiles similar to this! Super pretty.