super {flea} sunday.

Happy Sunday again friends. How was your Friday the 13th? My was filled with beautiful weather, art and friends. Today is dreary compared to the rest of the weekend; Autumn is on its way and I'm really enjoying my comfy sweats and a yummy meal with friends. 

This weeks {flea} is totally (ok, mostly) functional. I'm always on the hunt for vintage sheets and found these two adorable flat sheets at one of my favorite thrifts for dirt cheap. 

I love that I can put them on my bed (after a good wash of course), make curtains or more than likely, find a few others and make myself a pretty quilt. Old sheets are like your favorite t-shirt, soft and worn. The beautiful flower pattens will make my bed feel like eternal Summer.

I also snagged a paint-by-number. I have such a hard time finding them, so I couldn't pass up this sweet ship. 

Someday I'd love to have a whole gallery wall of them. The colors are also so perfect for the decor in our house and I adore the often kitschy scenes and animals. Have you found any awesome ones? I'd love a lead or two. 

That's it for todays {flea} kittens! I'm of to bbq my heart out. See you soon. xo.


amanda said...

I, too, am obsessed with paint by numbers. I found a great local vintage shop that had a pretty good sized collection for very reasonable prices. They said some dude showed up a few months ago with a massive uhaul FULL of them, as well as a ton of other great vintage finds. I mean can you imagine a truck full? I would be in heaven.

: )

RedDirtRevival said...

That paint by numbers is fantastic!! What a great find!

Erin said...

Pretty finds. I saw two paint by numbers this past weekend. They were of two women in 1940s garb. It made me wish I had somewhere to put them.