climbing the mountain.

Oh friends, what a few weeks it has been. Adjusting to living alone again while Josh is away has it's ups and downs, that's to say the least. 

For starters, I have a vehicle at my disposal. When we moved, we went down to one car because we knew he'd be deploying. So while he drove to work every day, I sat on my toosh, with plenty of time to craft and blog. Now that I have the car, I'm wanting to go, go, go all the time. To the thrift, the grocery, the movies, you name it, I want to go! 

Even little things like taking out the trash and going to the post office are things I've had to adjust to. I'm doing it, but it's finding that perfect routine that can throw me off. I'm figuratively climbing a mountain, the mountain to independence and balance. At the top I'll be able to see the way back down to having him home and the next mountain to readjust.

Last week one of my best friends from college came for a visit and not only am I being figurative, but we also literally, climbed a mountain. Now let me start by saying, I'm really proud of myself. This isn't the kind of stuff I do. Sure, I'll take a long walk in the park behind our house, but hiking the single most challenging trail in the city? Nah, not me. 

Well, I did it! Pikes Peak is the 18th highest peak in Colorado and only one higher peak is accessible by vehicle. Walking it is a totally different game. We didn't complete the entire 7 mile hike, but went 3 miles up and ascended over 800 feet. 

ya, I know...badass.

We found a point to stop, just at the treeline with larger than life granite rocks. The view, along with the feeling of accomplishment is something I can't even describe. My buddy was totally proud of me (thanks for the push, friend!) and we spent a long while soaking in the sights of the town below, and the amazing terrain all around us. 

My friend and I. Awesome with a self-timer and the views. 

I'm really itching to get back up there and complete the entire hike by the time Josh comes home. I want to tackle it together and kick his butt! If you're ever out this way, I really recommend it. Sure it's challenging, but knowing that you can literally and figuratively climb mountains...well, that's a sight to see!

I'm feeling recharged and refreshed and I'm really looking forward to sharing this week with all of you. I've got exciting things planned and tons of to-do's on my project list. I'll be spending the rest of this rainy Monday sewing myself a pretty bag for fall. Heads up for that and a mini-tour of one of my favorite places in town! See you tomorrow. xo.


Jessica said...

I'm proud of you too! :)

Snarkopotamus said...

Right now I'm singing "Climb Every Mountain," in my head. You know that if I were there I would totally provide you theme song.

Erin Wallace said...

Wow, Roxanne! Not everyone can say they've climbed a mountain! You go girl!

I've never made it to Pikes Peak - it's always been closed for the seasopn when I've been to Colorado Springs. Hopefully oneday . . .

xo Erin

vintagewithatwist said...

wooooo great photos! looks like a fun hike!