super {flea} sunday.

Happy Sunday! Today is a day to celebrate. I've officially made it through one month of this deployment. To treat ourselves, my friends and I had a big meal together, laughed and drank too much wine. It's certainly not getting easier and this upcoming month, with our first wedding anniversary and my birthday, will probably be pretty rough. But I'm proud of myself and my friends. 

I figured I deserved a little {flea} time for making it through this so far and I came across these pretty little books at one of my favorite thrifts.

Vintage, especially children's, books are one of my all time favorite collections. In a world of Kindle and iBooks, I welcome the soft embossed covers and worn pages. Very little beats the smell of an old book (Is that weird?). My absolute favorite is finding books with names, notes, and passages inside the cover. I love making up stories about who the recipient was and why the gift was given.

I want to hear about your favorite collections. What got you started on your collections? Do you go for quality or quantity? 

I look forward to reading all about your favorite things and can't wait to share more pretty things with you this week! Enjoy every moment of this Sunday and be sure to come back tomorrow. xo.


Jessica said...

I love books! I refuse to buy a kindle. I love the smell and feel of a book in my hands. I have no collections but I enjoy looking at yours. :)

divamcknitster said...

i love looking at old books. nothing beats book smell, new or old.

i love looking for vintage snoopy at yard sales and flea markets. it's getting increasingly difficult to find older things. makes things fun tho.

love your flea market sundays - i look forward to what treasures you've found!