after my heart.

Grace of Design*Sponge is a woman after my own heart. Sure she runs an enormous blog and must make thousands of readers smitten daily, but in the past weeks she's solidified to me why she's so awesome. 

First and foremost, I'll be running out, today!, to make this chalkboard globe! Just about the cutest d-i-y I ever did see. 

And if you're looking for travel plans, check out their intense guide to my hometown of Pittsburgh! Sure they left out a few of the greats, but it's full of amazing spots all over town. 

Little things like this just make me smile! I'm going to keep that going with a few projects and more cleaning (ya? boo? I can't even tell you anymore). 

Have an awesome day! xo. 


mkonieczki said...

Chalk board globe!?!?!?!? MUST. FIND. MUST. POSSESS. Way cool!

craftyMSP said...

I loved this project the minute I saw it too! I've was thinking about your previous posts too - sometimes all we can do is clean. I don't know what it's like to have my hubby gone for as long as you have to endure (thank you for doing what you do), but I do understand lapses in creativity, motivation, etc. Keep cleaning girl - you'll uncover the creative again!

Hearthandmade said...

That looks great! Although I can't imagine writing with chalk on a spherical shape.. It's hard enough on a framed black board!

vintagewithatwist said...

omigosh, cutest globe ever! I'm so envious of your amazing globe collection :)