I think if you ask any military wife about deployment they'll all tell you the same thing; it sucks. Having my husband gone has been incredibly hard, but as you settle into them being gone, you start to pick up a routine. Well apparently, my routine is being a total scatterbrain!

Yesterday I spied a teeny little ant on my sink and then all of his little friends lugging bits of food from the pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Then and there it hit me; I'm a complete slob when my husband is gone. Sure, I do my laundry, wash my dishes, and make my bed, but otherwise my house is a disaster!

It would be so much easier to keep clean if my kitchen was this cute.

I've gotten into a routine and there are parts of it I really like, but I feel unmotivated to do the things I was doing daily when he was home; like blogging. I've spent the past few days searching high and low for the inspirational kick in the butt I need, but it just doesn't feel right.

I love having this space to come here and share with you the things I love, so I apologize if over the next few weeks I'm lacking. My house needs to be in order before I can collect my thoughts enough to sit down and write. I really miss it and the days I do log on, I feel great! I don't want to half ass it though; I'm tired of unspired photos and posts; we deserve better don't you think?

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Today was a good day though, my kitchen is now clean and ant free! My laundry is in the dryer and dinner is on the table. Then I'll sit down and make a plan for tomorrow. One day at time, as they say.

Send me some well wishes, kittens, and please leave a comment. I want to know, what's your favorite way to get motivated  and inspired? I love those little pick-me-ups!


diane said...

well wishes winging your way pronto!

some of my motivation inspiration tricks:

* do a twenty minute collage - rip and tear from magazines, glue like crazy, see what themes/images show up

* colorful brainstorm session - for ten minutes, use your favorite markers/crayons/pens/colored pencils and write or draw all words, phrases, wishes, ideas that pop into your head

* watch one TED talk - try elizabeth gilbert or sir ken robinson

* go for a walk with a really great music mix or album playing on my ipod

* watch an inspirational documentary - try 'a man named pearl' or 'herb and dorothy'

just a few ideas, friend!

lots of love...

Roxanne said...

Thanks Diane! I'm glad we could cheer one another up today :)