happy autumn!

Happy first day of Autumn, kittens! Today starts my favorite season, and this year in a big way. For starters, my little brother turned 16 today; it seems like only yesterday he was pestering me. To top it off, Josh sent me a lovely bunch of fall hued flowers; what a sweetheart he is! 

The weather here is Fall perfection; cloudy, crisp and breezy. I plan on taking my tush outside to soak in the fresh air and Chelsea has inspired me to grab some of my favorite Pumpkin Ale to celebrate! 

Is Autumn your favorite season? How do you plan on celebrating today? I think artists and crafters enjoy Autumn more than others; there's a sense of urgency and change. The colored leaves and brisk but sunny days are an inspiring reminder that all things must turn, change and die. 

Well, it certainly is that time and I hope you enjoy every second of it! You can find me "Fall cleaning" (as opposed to Spring cleaning), ordering seasoned wood, putting out my pumpkins and collecting beautiful leaves from the ground to admire until they wilt. 

Get out there and breath it all in; the spiced cider, cozy sweaters and Halloween are waiting for you!
 I'll see you tomorrow with a new edition of This {Humble} Home!

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Amy said...

Yay Autumn! It was a rubbish Autumn day today where I was, far too sunny and hot...I'm definitely more of a cold-weather fan :D Love the flowers, you're so lucky!

Rebekah said...

i'm drinking an iced pumpkin spice starbucks double shot as we speak :)

happy fall <3

divamcknitster said...

not a pumpkin ale person but i'm craving cider donuts!