Happy Monday! I hope you had a totally amazing weekend. I spent mine picking berries and doing a little soul searching. Everyone knows what it feels like to be unmotivated, but all it takes is one little spark to send you into a tail spin! For the first time, we bought a washer and dryer and the simply act of their delivery has me itching to start my long-long list of projects.

From the little task of sewing a button onto a bag to completely revamping the downstairs, these things have been long overdo. Do you even have that moment of clarity? I can see everything in it's place in my head, now I just have to work hard to put it all together. Once I get rolling there will be new editions of {This Humble Home} and some awesome d-i-y projects. Get excited!

Here's a loverly before/after project to get your motor turning. xo.

via d*s


Hearthandmade said...

this looks AMAZING!! make one!!

I feel the same as you did.. uninspired.. im so tired its like my brain is made of a squiggle!
I would love a moment of clarity but i think it will be after a good nights sleep!! A weekend spent picking berries sounds brilliant too.. that would be my favourite thing to do :) picking berries for making jam!!

Jessica said...

Love that!