up and away.

There's nothing like being in awe; and a few weekends ago the Colorado Balloon Classic had me right there. When we arrived I thought the ballooners would be separated from the carnival crowd. Boy, way I wrong! 

This was my favorite balloon by far. I love the color combo. 

Getting up at 6 a.m. to stand next to a crew as they inflated their balloon, held it down and sent it off into the air was a truly inspiring sight. The team work and jokes that floated back and forth amongst the crews made them seem more like families. Some were; with little kids, teenagers and grandparents all lending a hand to get the balloon safely up in the air. 

And then of course there were the floaters themselves; spectacular! The color combos and graphic designs were so inspiring. Watching them float against the blue, cloudless Colorado sky was one of those moments you hit the shutter button on in your memory. 

I can't wait for next years Classic and another round of balloons. Who knows, maybe I'll even hitch a ride! See you tomorrow; xo. 

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