super {flea} sunday.

What a lovely Autumn day! How was your weekend? I hope it was filled with football, crunchy leaves and pumpkin beer! I had my hand at some projects around the house and a whole lot of cleaning.

I was able to spend a few minutes at one of my favorite thrifts this weekend. I love Saturdays there because most everything is half off; you can't beat a discount! Although the shop was unbearably crowded, I did snag this weeks {flea}, a sweet little pony paint-by-number.

The worn painted frame and modest colors are so beautiful, but I opted to pop out the canvas and put it in a more modern frame. It looks really great and you'll see this along with some other art I've put together later this week! All I need now is another print for that big old wooden frame. What would you put inside?

Football and cuddles with my Hank are calling my name, but I'll see you tomorrow with some lovely fall inspiration! Cheers to a new week. xo.

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