super {flea} sunday.

What a weekend! How did Halloween treat you? My husband and I cuddled on the couch, watched The Shining and enjoyed a gourmet candy apple. It was perfectly low key.

I worked today at Bienvenue and of course I'm leaving you with the {flea} super late in the evening.
Next week I will adjust so you can flea all day long!

Earlier in the week I was searching for some gifts on Etsy and I came across Namolio.
Out of the UK, she has really lovely crocheted items like pincushions and wool blankets.

Now I love a good doily, but I really connect with her earthy take on the granny square;
 simple, clean colors and a genius use of linen.

all via namolio

I wouldn't mind getting some Namolio goods as a gift.
Be sure to check back all this week for some lovely knits, yarn, and other treats!

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