super {flea} sunday.

I have alot of little goodies I've picked up in the last few weeks.
I love heading out to the thrifts in the area and scouring the booths for the perfect find.

I've been on the hunt for some awesome needlepoint to add to these paintings, which are the start of a gallery wall going up my stairwell.

I came across this beauty for $8 at the local thrift and my neighbor gave me this wooden piece, which used to be the frame for drawers on a vintage sewing table.

I'm trying to come up with some cool cylindar shaped pieces to display inside the frame once I hang it on the wall; perhaps some skeins of yarn or glass rolling pins. I'll also white wash the needlepoint frame.

Then I found this rooster head. I love it, my husband thinks it's creepy. I didn't buy it the first time, or the second, but for $2 I had to buy it and it is now hanging in my craft space.

It's not that creepy, right? I chuckle everytime.

My last finds this week aren't exactly thrifted. My local LYS, Unwind , had a PJ Party and everything (and I mean everything) was forty percent off from six to eight in the morning. Proudly, I went in the day before planned out everything I was going to buy and was second in line at five-thirty am on the day of the sale.

You're looking at 4,033 yards of various wool, superwash, and alpaca.
The green in the center is Cascade Pure Alpaca and it is the softest yarn. I find myself taking the skein off the shelf just to pet it.

What finds have you dug up lately? I want to see your bargins too.
Come back all week, The 60/40 is going to kick off the Holidays right!

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Wendy said...

Great blog post! I love alpaca yarn, but don't knit with it often enough. I have to agree with your husband, that rooster head IS creepy! hahaha