super {flea} sunday.

My name is Roxanne and I'm addicted to thrifting. (Hiiii, Roxanne). Seriously I think it is pretty easy to love going to different {flea}s when you keep finding amazing stuff at amazing prices.

I feel as though I've reached some sort of peak this week and not just in terms of the {flea} or the blog. I've been feeling really inspired lately and I'm taking that energy and running with it. I'm a busy bee crafting, sewing, knitting, making cute little pieces of art and lists to inspire myself by. I completed quite a few things on my list from my 'happy weekend' post and a few other things I didn't expect. We are starting to get really serious about our move, it's coming up in a short month and a half and I see it as a clean slate; a fresh start. My husband (Josh...I'll go by his name from now on) and I are wanting to make quite a few big changes when we move (no Mom, not a baby) and for the first time I feel as if we'll be in the perfect position to facilitate these changes. I think the stars are starting to align, we just need to follow them.

Ok, wow, didn't mean to get all philosophical on you, this is the {flea} for goodness sake. Well I do think the stars are aligning and one must have been hanging over the {flea} this week when we went on Saturday. I haven't been in quite a while and of course went in with a "I'll just look" attitude. Ya...that never happens. Turns out I snagged some of my greatest finds; I'm still on cloud 9.

I've been on my globe kick for a while; but I don't buy every globe I see. It has to be something special and the older the better. I got to the last booth and there lay a beauty. This beauty had no price tag; the manager called the vendor (who happens to be the owner and a globe collector) and he cut me a deal. This beauty is from 1945; it even shows East/West Germany. This beauty.......lights up!

The clouds parted, the heavens sang. I have been searching for one of these that didn't cost fifty bucks or wasn't brand new. Seriously folks, this is one of my favorite finds ever! This beauty is in perfect condition.

That was my last find of the day; I was also fortunate enough to snag these amazing pretties.

The Mushroom Magic print is actually a hand painted print distributed by Soovia Janis Inc and is dated 1968. When I searched to learn more about the company and the artist (Jacque) I learned that it's a part of a recipe series by different artists (Jacque's were all yellow and for the record the recipe sounds delish) and the frame is original. The search also brought up others for sale on Etsy and shops like Three Potato Four. Now I love Three Potato Four, but I'm sure they weren't charging $12 for the prints. I think I got a steal.

The thermos used to be part of a set and I saw similar ones on Etsy for upwards of twenty dollars; I paid $2.25. Yes; you read that correctly.

The little glass is from America made Libbey Glass Company out of Toledo, OH. I paid $3 and the little owls are so vivid and quite hilarious; several of them look like they have moustaches.

See the owl in the lower left; tell me he doesn't have a moustache? Speaking of glass, several of you were interested in the glass milk carton from Friday's post. I did some searching and found it right here for relatively inexpensive. I also really dig the glass ziploc bag.

Hope you enjoyed this week's {flea}; I was super excited to share it with you! I also want to welcome some new faces I've seen. I appreciate all of you coming back again and again to read, so this week we're going to celebrate with a giveaway!

Be sure to keep checking back. I'm off to have dinner with Josh (we might try to recreate some amazing hot dog, french fry, sauteed onion thing we just saw on the boob tube) and start on my last Valentine's project. xo.


Kate said...

That owl glass is a great find! I'm always on the lookout for really great, unique water glasses, but I haven't found any yet... Oh well.

Congrats on the globe! I love studying old maps and finding how the political borders have changed! Your East/West Germany globe is amazing!

Erin Wallace said...

I have a globe almost exactly like this - lights up, east & west germany - it was my dad's in the early 1950's and I somehow inherited it. It is one of my favorite things, too.

Jane said...

Hi! I wandered over to your blog from Rav - I'm Jane from Ohio - northeast Ohio - east of Cleveland. I have lots of nieces and nephews who went to KSU. Put-In-Bay - love it! We take day trips up there. I used to go as a kid because our neighbors had a house there - right near the monument.

I'm looking forward to the KAL, but haven't cast on yet!