are we the same type?

You know what they say about great minds. I've been obsessing over this experiment since I saw it on Something's Hiding in Here earlier in the week and saw it on Poppytalk today. Do you ever do that? See something and then read everything you can about it until your brain hurts?

See, these scholarly types at Pentagram spent seven years researching the relationship between typefaces and personalities. That's alot of research. I had to take the little quiz; I love me some Helvetica and was unsuprised to see that the font it chose is quite accurate. So, what's your typeface? I'm Archer Hairline: emotional, understated, progressive, disciplined.

Did anyone catch the wooden hand in the video? Silly. I'll be back later tonite with a little inspiration. Have a fantastic afternoon.

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S said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing that - the site told me I'm Courier, but when I looked at the others, I really like yours, as well as the Perpetua and the Baskerville.