a little wednesday d-i-y.

I'm really getting too excited for the Indie Business Class. The more I think about it though, March is going to be super stressful for me. We're moving; which means saying goodbye to friends, packing, driving. So to ensure I'll have a smile on my face the whole way through class I made a little homework folder.

It says "It's Indie Business Time" on the front. Name that band anyone? And I had some cute clock diecuts in my stash. I included the Craft Inc book in the picture too because I think it's a great read and will make a nice supplement to the class. 

When I popped the little cardboard pieces out for the holes, I just tacked them down to the sign. To keep all of my pages in I braided some white yarn and threaded them through (and because knitting i-chord takes forever)

The inside is super easy if you want to make one too. I simply use a stray piece of computer paper under the flaps to trace out the shape and cut the decorative paper a little bit bigger before sticking it down. An exacto tool cut out the holes.

The little banner has my name on it from some ephemera I had. I ran them through a sticker machine that I've had forever. I'm not sure I love the banner. I feel like the inside needs something else. What do you think? Any ideas for me? I do have some woodgrain contact paper that goes really well with the colors.

I'm hoping this pretty little folder is going to keep me motivated and happy while I make my way through the course. I think my chances are pretty good!

Are you making anything today? I hope to knock out a few more d-i-y's before the week ends. See you later.


Amy T Schubert said...

cover title as in "That's why they call it Business Socks" ?
love them. :)
(also, I'm taking the class)

Jessica said...


I have a DIY craft project scheduled for tomorrow. :)

Sugar Bailey said...

I might take the class too:) It sounds fun and interesting. I'll see if I have time!

Kristin @ Meanbean said...

hehehe i love it. There's a gal that makes "Business Time" yarn...i very nearly bought some at Sock Summit last year to make hubby some busines socks... *wink*

Nicole Ioma said...

I love it! I might have to make one to keep me motivated too. Good idea =)