last minute love.

Valentine's day is this Sunday, have you made anything for your sweetheart yet? I have, but it's under wraps until next week; I hate spoiling suprises. Try some of these quick (and wallet friendly) projects that will make your love smile.

I made these fortune cookies a few years ago and wrote on each slip the things I most appreciated about Josh.

I *love* this robot. Love him.

I can see this little sweetie filled with lavendar for a sweet friend.

Who doesn't want a heart shaped cloth? I do!
via boogie socks : pattern via ravelry

I think this is quite possibly the cutest idea ever

Tuck in a sweet little Valentine.

And serve your treats with a scrumptious breakfast.

All of these red and pink pretty lovlies are making me so festive! I want to see what you're making for Valentines day; do tell.


Ms. Rahl said...

love the fortune cookies :) i posted it on my facebook because my friends and I are always looking for cute craftsy things :)

Kate said...

I haven't even thought of it! This is our first and last Valentine's Day where we will be engaged- maybe I should start a project! I knit him little hearts last year, so maybe I'll have to stitch a little love note- I love that!

beckie said...

these are really cute ideas. i'm planning on making pink chocolate chip pancakes for my guy. something simple and homemade always does the trick :)