the hi-fi rebirth.

Remember my little trip to Seaside? Well, we sort of had a reason for heading out that way. I really wanted to make a stop. It was for a good reason; I was in need of a music rebirth.

Central Square Records is so awesome and the owner Ed is really nice. I knew he could help me. See, I don't care much for digital music and it's put a damper on my relationship with music. All of the uploading, downloading, reloading, synching, list's exhausting. I just want to listen to some tunes!

I knew what I had to do; I needed a hi-fi rebirth. I thought about my favorite memories of music; sitting on the floor of the studio while my Dad deejayed on the radio for the better part of my youth; singing the Beatles at the top of my lungs in the car when I was four; organizing my mix tapes in the old suitcase my Mom had painted for me.

It all came back to one thing; real sound. After chatting with Ed, he confirmed what I had been pondering for weeks; I need vinyl in my life. So look what mama brought home.

Yummy, right? It's a Crosley and I'm in love! I bought a few albums and Ed kindly threw in some 45's. The sound is beautiful and full and I can't get enough of it. Music has never felt so good!

I'm on my way to a new record addiction and hope my Dad will send me some tunes out of his massive collection. What are your favorite music memories? Do you prefer your iPod or CD's? Let's chat, I want to know.

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Erin Wallace said...

I have a Crosley, too, and I LOVE it! Still have my 45's and records from when I was younger and have been collecting them continuously. there is nothing like playing some vinyl!