nothing short of ordinary

Nothing super exciting happening here today loves, nothing to look at. I've been listening to Joanna Newsome on NPR's First Listen and doing a little reading. It's sunny and bright outside. What has filled your day?

Getting ready for this move is consuming much of my time and I'm having a hard time deciding when to pack up all of my craft things. But, but, I don't wannnaa. Can you hear me whining about it?

And while there are snaffus and issues we're dealing with, I'm grateful the Army is giving us this chance to move somewhere that is simply amazing.

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Next week will be even busier; apologies in advance for crazy posting schedules over the next month. There will still be many posts, I'll have some awesome tutorials and inspiration for you. And once we get settled, you're gonna flip for some awesomely new stuff!

Now I am off to make some dinner and gather more things to be packed up. Wanna help? I can pay in beer.

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Erin Wallace said...

If I lived anywhere near you, I'd be there! Good luck with the packing.