monday funk.

That would make a great name for a jazz band, don't you think? Instead it describes my day. I don't know what it is (perhaps it was yesterdays uplifting post jinxing me), but today was utter crap. Ok not utter crap; I have many blessings like food, shelter, not living in an earthquake rocked country, the ability to marry the person I love, and I'm very grateful. But you know what I mean, right? Funkiness is abundant.

This is symbolic of the funkiness raining on my parade.

I'm going to step away from this post before I keep going. Josh is 'being creative' in the kitchen tonite (his word, not mine. I'm a little scared) and I have my giant project notebook and my shawl sitting in front of me.

Tomorrow will be a fantastic day because I have two awesome projects to start, two more to complete and a super fun post for you. There will be a giveaway later in the week too!

Brighten my day with a funny story or something, will ya? Here's some pretty inspiration to make you smile (who am I kidding, the pics are for me). xo.

Gemma Correll's drawings can make me smile anyday.


Erin Wallace said...

What is it with all of our funkiness today??? Must be something in the stratosphere, because it seems like no matter where people live, they are all going through the bleck. Hope you come out of yours!

Kate said...

You already know that I had a craptastic sort of day. Everyone I worked with had a craptastic day. To make each other feel better, every time our paths would cross we would come up with a new term for how bad the day was. Examples? Dung-trunch. Crap-spasmal. It made the day just a little bit better. :D

Roxanne said...

Dung-trunch? Love it! I thought of you two while writing this post. Wish we could all grab a glass of wine and gab!

Kristie said...

Feel the same... and FEb is supposed to be the LOVE month?