needlebook diy + friday = happy weekend.

Happy weekend lovelies! I'm in an exceptionally good mood today; Josh finished his last day of training school today (a big accomplishment). I sipped on a lovely little Red Bull and created a pretty weekend diy for you!

This little needlebook is perfect for using up scraps. It's cute too, so you can take a sewing project with you everywhere. Just gather up your supplies; felt scraps, a teeny doily, a needle and thread (I used embroidery floss), a fabric pen, and scissors. You'll also need a way to sew, I used my machine, but you could do this by hand too.

First cut all of your scraps about the same size. I only used four pieces so the project doesn't get too bulky.

Then sew down your embellishment by hand. I used a little doily but you could use felt cut outs, a contrasting fabric, or embroider right into the felt (I so want to do that next.)

After you fasten the doily down securely, draw a tab onto the felt with a fabric pen.

Cut out your first layer around the tab and shape of your embellishment. Then cut out the other squares in the same shape. Don't worry about being super precise, you can trim later, but make inside "pages" a bit smaller.

See how unprecise I was? Ha, really I'm terrible at using scissors.
Next decide on your color order and stack each page so the tops of the tabs line up.

Your final step is to sew right across the bottom of the tab so it forms a little binding. Finish up by trimming all around the edges for a nice clean line.

Voila! You have a cutesy little needlebook to hold your pins and sewing needles.

I plan on embroidering  the doily with an initial for my friend, but I don't want to give it away :P If you make one, I'd love to see it! Be sure to leave me a comment below!

Do you have weekend plans? Josh and I are headed out to spend a weekend celebrating and enjoying some of our last sunny Florida moments. See you Sunday for the {flea}!


Kate said...

You are just too cute! Enjoy the sunshine for me- things are really gray here.

I have the weekend, so there are limitless (nearly) possibilities! Have fun!

Johnna said...

So I've decided that when you get here, the one thing you have to do is teach me how to use my sewing machine! Its just sitting there and calling my name!

rachel! said...

ohhh, CUTE idea!!

b2705335 said...

you are so MARTHA, I guess some of me really did rub off on you. cute idea!!!!

Chelsea said...

what a cute idea! and so simple, too! I'm always losing my needles and straight pins. Not a good idea if you like to barefoot like I do. I probably need to sew it right onto my hip!

My Owl Barn said...

What a great idea! Even I can do this, it's so simple :)

Moorea Seal said...

Super duper cute! Oh i just love it.
Your whole blog is really inspiring.

ps, i am in the indie business class too!! lets be friends! <3

Krista Eitsert said...

Hi! I found you through the Indie 2.0 class. This is a super cute idea! I have so many needles laying in a tin. I just have to make one of these.