a friendly find.

I love when someone leads me to a link and it's turns out to be almost personal in a way. Morgan (woohoo Indie Business classmates!) left a comment about some of my knitting inspiration.

That led me to artist Daniela Edburg's series called Killing Time. They are super powerful images of seemingly nuclear families playing amongst a nuclear war. I couldn't help being attracted to these two and the strong political statement.

I really like the hardness of the bomb, but the softness of  the connotation of knitting and yarn. There's something about trying to feminize and soften something so hard and masculine. I probably felt that little personal pull also, because I not only heart knitting, but because of Josh's job in the Army. The other images are just as amazing

Thanks Morgan for the totally awesome find!

Any other Friday finds we should know about? See you in a bit for a d-i-y and a happy weekend greeting!


Chelsea said...

how interesting... what a great concept.

Morganism said...

Ah, I am so happy that I struck a chord! And now I know more about you, too! Also, I totally agree with you about the use of femininity to soften something so masculine. Although, a lot of her work is still so disturbing.