eco dream.

Before I attended college the 'go green' movement hadn't really started. I was simply trying to get my foot into an architecture/interior design program, so I was an intern at an amazing firm near my home who was on the forefront of eco design. When I saw this firm on Design*Sponge, I was instantly taken back. The cozy outdoor feel in this inside industrial space is breathtaking with the bonus of it being as eco-friendly as possible.

Wood cabinets, wood floors and globes? Hello heaven.
The pipes up above make me smile too. The whole space is just a play on hard and harder. Add a dash of soft you think they ever have clients who refuse to leave?

What do you think of this living wall? It's exquisite. d*s quips that it's based off a NYC map; so it's exquisite and pure genuis.

I have this affinity for galvanized steel. There is something so soothing about it's clean shiny surface, but seeing it in such an elegant form makes it swoon worthy, no? And...more globes! Yeah!

I quite like the mail sorter too. Knitters, don't you want to shove a rainbow of yarn in each little cubby?

They really had me at this table. It's a bit trippy if you lookt; but it is super smooth and elegant. The more modern chairs are a perfect match. I told Josh he needed to chop me down a tree. (Ha, yeah right).

These people are hardcore into their globes right? Even more than me; I feel like I'd better catch up. I imagine everyone who works here never wants to leave because they're too busy being smitten with their own interiors. I can only hope to be so lucky someday.

If you have a favorite space you've been swooning over lately, leave a link in the comments! I'll be back this afternoon with a few cutesies to share.


Chelsea said...

this space is AMAZING, Rox! Are you dying for those light fixtures?! I am!

Kate said...

I love the wall of moss- I'd love to have one in my little apartment- I need some green!

amanda said...

finally got a chance to check out your blog! loving it. especially these decor pictures. totally loving your style... maybe we can be thrifting buddies when you live here haha : )