a proud moment.

Morning loves. It's early; a little too early for me. But I'm up, in a pretty skirt, and headed out to see Josh graduate from one of the highest regarded training schools in the military*. I couldn't be more proud of him.

Friends who have become family will be coming to support him (thanks, we love you guys) and after the ceremony we'll head over to the cutest little place for brunch. I'm hoping to score a delicious omelette.

Or these. Yum.

What is your day looking like? I hope whatever you do, it's a beautiful and happy day. Be sure to come back later for a little bit of weekend fun.
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* please excuse the vagueness of my talk about army stuff. i will be sticking to opsec privacy guidelines to protect my husband and our troops abroad. for all you non-military savvy loves; "loose ships sink ships" so i will have a giggle trying to keep it as vague as possible; should be fun. i do hope you understand. i hate to even bring it up, but felt the need to explain. done now. *heart* you guys.


Chelsea said...

YAY! congrats, Josh!!! Brunch sounds lovely on a sunny morning like this!

xoxoKrysten said...

Oooh congrats to Josh!