road trip bingo d-i-y.

I spent a rainy afternoon in my Aunt's sunroom making Road Trip Bingo for Josh and I to play on the next leg of our trip. So gather up your supplies and play along, or bookmark this post for your next trip.

Grab your Road Trip Craft Kit, you'll need the following supplies:

1. Enough post card sized paper for each person playing, plus 1.
2. A pencil and black marker.

Using your extra sheet of paper grid your paper into a dozen squares with a long large block at the top. You can do more or less if you like, but twelve is a good number to keep the games moving quickly.

The most important and most fun step is next, decorating your Bingo card. You can let each player decorate their own with the same twelve items or decorate them ahead of time. Just be sure each card has the same elements, but in different spots.

To make sure we have optimum fun, I personalized the card for this leg of the trip. Thinking about the region you are heading to and the sights you'll see will be more interesting then just using generic items like "cows" for every space.

Feel free to use my spaces, left to right: 1. oil well, deer crossing sign, a historic building, a native american store, a state park, an antique shop, ducks, a vintage trailer, sheep, a world's largest attraction, a cave tour sign, a silo.

Lastly, all you need to play is a sharp eye and some loose change or the buttons from your kit to mark your spaces. First one to fill a row across or down, wins! Have a blast and be sure to check back tomorrow for a super special post and another cute d-i-y craft! xo.


thursday said...

oh wow. this is very cute!

Lu said...

Great idea, looks really cute! :)

Morganism said...

Road Trip games are the best! I have so many fond memories of searching for all of the letters of the alphabet (in order) in road signs on long trips with my grandmother. Those q's and z's are doosies!

Brooke said...

hahah what a good idea!:D

Dayna said...

Hi there! I found your blog through Rav and am having fun reading about your road trip. The DIY road trip crafts are such a good idea to pass the miles, and your drawings are too cute!

Moorea Seal said...

You are so cute. I LOVE this. need to copy it the next time I go on a road trip for sure!

ps, definitely let me know if you ever need any illustration or design work done for your blog. :)