super {flea} sunday.

One of the best things about moving to a new town is exploring new {fleas} and finding new treasures. Lucky duck me, has three!! {fleas} less than a mile from our house. One being enourmous.

Josh and I spent a good hour in there on Friday and I hit the jackpot! I snagged this much lusted after Polaroid camera for $5 with the film already inside! That film ain't cheap, chickies.

I now have 10 exposures to consider. Have any suggestion as to what I should snap a shot of? I must use them thoughtfully!

Comeback tomorrow for some early morning yumminess and a new 60/40 series later in the day!

PS. Be sure to check out the girls who I nominated for the Happy 101 Award, their posts are hilarious and sincere. xo.


grrfeisty said...

haha i had the same dilemma when i got my polaroid film. you gotta ration that stuff! :D

Anonymous said...

With film? Lucky you! I got one this weekend too, but alas, no film. I am going to order some from the Impossible Project, but I am going to be so nervous to use the precious stuff!

Roxanne said...

I know what you girls mean. It's unopened too, I don't even want to open it, it's almost sacred ;)

Lu said...

Great, lucky you that you've purchased such a camera for such a great price, I'm sooo jealous! ;) I went to the flea market yesterday and saw many of these cameras either, but they were all sooo old and dirty, I didn't want to buy one. :)