how does your garden grow?

Spring has really sprung and I'm itching to get my hands into the cool dirt and earth. We have a lovely little yard in our new home and I plan on filling it with herbs, flowers and veggies to enjoy all summer long.

Gardening is more than planting, with careful thought, your garden can be a beautiful design feature. I love seeing brightly colored blooms in pretty little pots as I drive past my neighboors homes.

Here are some sweet, fun accessories to make your garden grow!

This sweet little necklace would be perfect for your favorite gardener (or black thumb).

A sturdy basket or bucket is perfect for gathering tools.

The illustrations on these markers make me smile; so cute!

And after a long day in the dirt, be sure to nourish your hands.

While I do have space outside to grow, many of us live in tiny aparments on in cities with limited yard space. Woollypockets are living walls, perfect for those with limited space, for herbs at your fingertips in the kitchen, or just dramatic arrangements. You should know I'm in love with these; they're so versatile!

Tell me that you wouldn't want that in your kitchen? They're too cute.

A good set of tools is also a must and I've snagged the adorable Liberty of London Set from Target.
via target

If you're unsure of where to start try some of my favorite resources:
Everyone's favorite- Pioneer Woman
Online, or snag a issue of Mother Earth News

Take sustainability a step further by using less:
Young House Love has an awesome Rain Barrel Tutorial
Turn your food scraps into nutrient rich compost; here and here.

I hope this post inspires some of you to start a garden this spring; even one pot of flowers on your doorstep can make a world of difference! Tell me what it is that you plan on planting this year? What's your favorite bloom?


Erin Wallace said...

Roxanne, I love it all!

Roxanne said...

Are you going to garden this Spring, Erin?

Ink and Ivy said...

Such cute inspiration for a new spring garden! I wish I had a backyard :( one day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't plant your garden just yet! Wait another month or so. April usually gives us at least one good snowstorm.

Welcome to the Springs!

diane said...

those spoons are so ridiculously adorable!!!

i just posted yesterday about the new book from gayla trail of "you go girl" - have you seen it?

my favorite thing to grow last summer was three containers of cherry tomatoes. from teeny plants all the way to harvest, they were amazing to watch. <3

Roxanne said...

Kathy, thanks! You'll have to help me :) I have no idea what will take here and what won't! Let's get together soon.

Diane, I will check out that book for sure! Yeah!