monday happiness.

Are you ready to get back to the weekly grind? I'm excited to get some art on my walls and decor out. Thankfully a long weekend has allowed us to get all of our things (3,580 pounds to be exact) unpacked and mostly put away. All that's left is the fun part!

Here's what I'm loving this beautiful Monday!

Love this room of books; it makes my heart happy.

Love this sweet kitty. Reminds me of my Hank.

Love Jake Gyllenhaal. Who doesn't?

Love the first signs of summer and the amazing reflection.

Love listening to my favorite musicians; they never get old.
"All I can do is be me, whatever that is"

Love this print; it's so seductive.

all via we heart it

What's going to keep inspiring you through the week?

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Nicole Ioma said...

Ugh, LOVE Jake Gyllenhaal =) And I really like that last print too! It's beautiful