smitten kitten & a word.

I'm completely smitten with the new She & Him album. I finally snagged an LP and the listening experience is like floating through the sky on a sunny day.

Enjoy a little bit of that sunshine today and their first video 'In The Sun'.

Zooey Deschanel is my favorite style icon. Everything about her is ethereal; her voice, her style, her acting is a feather bouncing across a pastel sunrise, a perfectly serene moment in an otherwise chaotic world. As an homage to Ms. Deschanel, tomorrow I'll be doing a little style icon post, be sure to check back!

And now for a word. My lovely fellow blogger Erin, of Dropped Stitches, wrote an amazing post about being genuine on the internet. It's a tough thing to do when people you barely know come across your blog. As a writer it can make you feel vulnerable and transparent; that can be seriously scary. But having said that; on of my favorite things to do is getting to know my readers and having my readers get to know me.

So in the spirit of Spring, let's get to know each other a little better! Leave a question in the comments below; something you'd like to know about me and a little something for me to learn about you. At the end of the week I'll answer your questions and throw a few out there for all of you!

I can't wait to see what your creative minds come up with; see you tomorrow. xo.


Erin Wallace said...

Wow, Roxanne! I didn't know my little post wold be inspirational! I'll have to think of a question; I'm a bit caught off guard at the moment! (and if I leave another comment, another unicorn will be saved!)

ImplausibleYarn said...

I love Ms. Deschanel,her style, her talent. She is amazing, I'm excited to see what homage you pay.

Chelsea said...

Left you something on the blog today! Go check it out!

Kate said...

OH, I do love her. I always wanted to be as cool as someone, and she's just about as good as it gets. I think my biggest "I wanna be just like you" crush would be on her.

jane said...

Just come across your blog... love this video! Zooey is so cool, i loved her - and her wardrobe - in 500 days of summer. And on that note i would love to know what your favourite and most inspiring films are, old and new :)

grrfeisty said...

i can never think of things to ask others...but i LOVE reading quirky facts! so any random facts about yourself would be fun :D