I {heart} zooey.

I think the real question here is, who doesn't love Zooey Deschanel? She's fun, fresh, and inspiring. Whether it's her music or acting or her impeccable sense of style, she always makes me smile. Even my mom adores her band, She & Him (hi mom, I'll send you a copy of the new album soon!).

The perfect spring style icon for fashion, home and life; here's an homage to the lovely Ms. Deschanel.

Zooey; I {heart} how you always seem to be laughing. And how you make a pair of leggings and a button up look uber stylish.

I {heart} your whimsy; I think if anyone were to have a pet unicorn, it would be you!

I {heart} it when I see that silly cotton commercial of yours. I know all the words and instantly want to run out and buy a closet full of cute, {cotton}, vintage dresses.

I {heart} your pretty blue music room that was in Domino (r.i.p). What a lovely place to croon.

I {heart} your quirkiness; let's be best friends?

I {heart} {heart} {heart}, that you married the lead singer of my all time favorite band, and on my birthday nonetheless. Can you guys have cute, indie kiddos now? k.thanks.

Ooo, and that you guys met at a fundrasier for a certain politician ;)

I {heart} your crazy head of hair and how versatile it is; what's the name of your stylist?

and you can't forget your blue doe eyes. *jealous*

I {heart} the different roles you play; ecspecially comedy. My favorite was your stint on Weeds and playing Lincoln's wife on Funny or Die (seriously, if you have HBO, On Demand that; you'll die)

And we can't forget my favorite movies; 500 Days of Summer, The Go-Getter, and Elf

And I {heart} your ability to pull of vintage fashion like none other, Ms. Deschanel. No one makes vintage fashion look so fresh.

all via we heart it unless otherwise noted

This sort of sounds like a profession of love, no? Well, sue me, I love her. What do you {heart} about Zooey?

Be sure to leave me a question in this post and something fun about yourself. See you soon for a little something special!


b2705335 said...

so glad that you gave me her first cd i absolutely adore her and her fresh voice. of course dad and your brother thinks its awful, what do they know.....

Katie said...

What do I love about Zooey? Every. Single. Thing. Ever. She's perfect. This post was pretty awesome, too. ;)

Jessica said...

I totally love her!

Sian said...

*gasp* I love that you love zooey! let's be friends ;D