miss mara.

Yesterday afternoon got away from me; our friends who are also going to be living here just arrived and we had them over for dinner and drinks. A nice way to celebrate a new beginning for all of us!

I promised you knits and I'm here to deliver! Before our friends showed, Josh snapped some photos of my finally completed Mara shawl. The body of the shawl is knit from the top center out, ending with the beautiful pleating. Let me tell you that the body is *the* easiest knit ever, but the ribbing is a total bitch. It took me forever, but was amazingly worth it.

What do you think?

The yarn is Cascade 220 Heathers, colorway 2451 (boring, but essential facts)

I highly reccomend this; the pattern calls for 675 yards of worsted, but I used 880! The shawl is huge, comfy and really, really warm. It's also the first thing I've ever knit just for *me* and I'm so happy to have it off the needles.

What are you kittens knitting these days? I'm looking for a new project.

Don't forget to enter the Nana Cakes Giveaway! The winner will be picked this afternoon!


Jenny said...

yay, congratulations on the very pretty shawl! It looks incredibly comfortable, and the colour is great too! Well done!

The cake give-away sounds awesome too, but as I'm intolerant to gluten I'll pass this one by :) Good luck to all the other competitors, though!

/ Jenny

divamcknitster said...

So pretty. Lovely apricot shade. It feels good to knit a goodie for yourself, doesn't it? Very nice.

Jane said...

I love your shawl! This is high on my queue...of course I just bought a kit for November ruffle...but suddenly I want shawls! This one reminds me of the one worn by Miss Mattie in Cranford. (There's a discussion on Rav.)

Kate said...

Love love love it! It looks so very cozy!

I've been meaning to check out Gran Torino for a while now. How is Clint Eastwood still such a badass?

Chelsea said...

Rox it's gorgeous!! And beautiful pictures! I'm loving seeing all the natural light photos from beautiful Colorado!