pretty little unicorn.

Sweet little unicorns have been on my mind lately. I used to play with My Little Pony when I was kid and shoot, I even have one now.

Unicorns can be uber cute when they come in the form of a sweet little stuffie or a vintage inspired necklace. Style your self pretty with these magical horses and you'll be nothing but smiles. 

I think these are too cute for the little gal in your life or you

This lady has these cutest cat hats; she's all over my Ravelry favorites. Josh think I'm nuts for wanting to make one for Hank (Hank probably thinks so too).

Irena's drawing are so whimsical and pretty. *sigh*

And then there's this. If you're into this sorta thing (don't tell me, I really don't wanna know)

And when you think of unicorns, you can't forget Charlie. I laugh so hard my belly hurts every time!

Two more things you can't forget?
1. To enter the Nana Cakes Giveaway before Friday!
2. To come back this afternoon for some pretty knits.

Have a great Thursday. xo.


LINDSAY said...

I love penguin & fish's creations. her fabric choices are perfect.

Katie said...

I was pretty obsessed with unicorns as a kid. I had a dress with unicorns on it (that I insisted my Mom wash every night so I could wear it again the next day), many, many figurines and my favorite movie was The Last Unicorn, so thanks for a post that takes me right back to being 6 years old. :)

MeeshOne.Love said...

Have you ever seen this unicorn?

Roxanne said...

That's too cute Katie, I used to have a Giraffe sweater (the mane was yellow yarn) that I felt the same way about.

Meesh, I saw that unicorn on Regretsy...creeptastic!

Abigail Leigh said...

OMG, I love the unicorn horn on the cat!!!!!

Abby from Indie Biz 2.0 : )

Erin Wallace said...

I cannot even imagine getting a unicorn hat onto any of my cats! But it is cute.

Anonymous said...

D'aww, so cute!