peter creepytail.

Ok, I couldn't resist doing this, but I can't be the only one that thinks Eastertime Bunnies a) have nothing to do with Easter and b) are totally creepy. Especially the ones in the mall. The costumes almost look posessed, with their beady eyes and 'too happy' smiles. It makes me giggle that people line up in the mall to have their children pose with these monsters, no wonder kiddies cry.

Here's a little Peter Creepytail for your holiday pleasure!

all via we heart it

See? Terrifying! I can't imagine having to look up at that as a small child; I'd probably pee my pants.

Now I'm not saying all bunnies are scary, for every photo I saw there were a dozen cutie bunnies (I like to call these cuties, bun-buns). And they can show me their sweet little faces any day. But there should be rules about the creepiness of bunny costumes; seriously.

Here's my faith in bunny cuteness restored.

Awwwwwww. Right?

Have a lovely Easter afternoon friends. Tell me what you're cooking today; I'm off to make some ham. Don't worry, you'll never have to sit through another creepy bunny, Super {flea} Sunday will be back soon! xo.


Morganism said...

You should also post the Bat for Lashes video for What's a Girl to Do. Some creepy bunny costume action going on there.

amanda said...

heyyy : ) happy easter! i hope the move went well... sounds like you and the hubs are settling nicely. welcome to colorado and our beautiful sunny spring weather.


Meaghan @ Urban Farm Designs said...

I was totally thinking the same thing when I was going through pics of bunnies. They all look a little demented & creepy. :) I'm glad you're getting all unpacked!! :)


Erin Wallace said...

I saw that first photo and I almost used it on my sweet day before Easter post. Add a little edge, you know. But it is just too creepy! Hope you had a great Easter.