monkey around.

I have a fabulous new friend here in Colorado, Anna. She's from the UK, sweet as pie and has a killer accent (she doesn't say urinal though, she says ur-anal, dunno 'bout that one). When I picked Anna up from her house the other day, she gave me the grand tour and I spotted a hilarious Ozzy sock monkey on her fireplace. Her face lit up as she told me all about her sister Sian and her shop Siansbury.

Anna just told me Sian, pronounced "Sharn" is a "talented beggar", lol, and I have to agree on the talented part. Sian's Sock Monkeys are killer cute and the craftsmanship rivals big box stores (aka it looks like a machine even though she does much of the work by hand). 

Check out Sians's site, her Etsy, and her blog and step into her colorful world of monkeying around!

This sock bunny is too cute!

Sadly, this Clint Eastwood monkey has found a home, but he cracks me up!
Sian sews all those accessories by hand!

Dr. Who?

This monkey is my favorite color combo; the grey and turquoise is perfection!

all via siansbury

If you're looking for a gift or a little something to make you smile, Siansbury Sock Monkeys are sheer genuis!

I'm working hard on a few projects today, so I'll see you loves tomorrow. Tell me what's motivating you this week? xo.


anna said...

:) fantastic monkey goodness- Siân definitely has amazing creative arty talent!
...proud owner of ozzy ozzmonkey (can be seen on my Flickr page- "ailxxii")

Beth said...

Ahhhhh! Too freaking cute!

divamcknitster said...

**squee** sooo adorable!

Sian said...

WAaaaaaaahhh!! Aww, that's so nice, thank you! I am glad Anna Ping!ed me at 5am to tell me about this (lols). And I always thought she talked funny... not really, she sounds COMPLETELY normal, and she is way more talented than I, in many and varied ways :))

PS Your blog is pretty awesome

Jessica said...

Ohh I love them!! I might just have to get one {or a few}! Yay for new friends and their talented families!