super {flea} sunday.

Happy Sunday loves! How was your weekend? Fantastic I hope! The weather here is sunny and breezy today; perfect for the {flea}.

 For this weeks {flea} I'll be sharing my treasures from yesterday's National Record Store Day! I headed to my new favorite shop in town (more on that later), and went nuts! All of their $2 records were on sale for fifty cents!!! Can you believe that?

It felt so good to scour through a dozens boxes of vinyl and not have to worry about price. Over all I nabbed about thirty records; some silly (Care Bears album anyone?) to some major steals like Janis Joplin and Joni Mitchell.

These are my favorite finds for the day; Simon and Garfunkel in Centeral Park and a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young with cover art my Joni Mitchell (Josh nabbed this one for me!)

Also I had to pick up this Roy Orbison album because the cover is so quirky; I can't wait to frame it! And of course,what would a record day be without some Beatles? I scored they're very first album at an awesome price.

Did you score any finds for National Record Store Day? I'd love to hear what you're listening too these days. I'm off to work on a huge project with Josh for This {Humble} Home; I seriously can't wait to show you all, it's badass! xo.


Erin Wallace said...

Look at your score! You can't get Meet The Beatles around here for less than $40. I can't even imagine living in a town where there actually ARE record sotres! A little jealous here.

Morganism said...

Joni Mitchell and Simon and Garfunkel, favorites! <3<3

Kate said...

Roxanne, my little BAMF! Can't wait to see the {Humble} Home!

Also, great finds!

rachel! said...

aww, you found some good finds! niceee.

elycia said...

you got some amazing records!!!!! i don't know if i would be more excited about the beatles or care bears. hehe.

Rebecca said...

ooohhh good finds!!