start your engines.

Today is another that got away from me; I'm in fulll {Humble} Home mode and some major things are happening. I can't *wait* to share my projects with you!

Did you have a crazy Tuesday? Or was it nice and relaxing? I had to sit in rush hour traffic for a while and I had a "wonder if anyone else does this" thought:

Do you ever find yourself switching into a faster moving lane during rush hour and 'rooting' on your lane to keep going faster and for longer than the other lanes?

Silly, I know, but I think I'm pretty good at picking the right lane. I know I'm not the only one, right?

See you all tomorrow for some Spring prettiness. xo.

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Morganism said...

No, what happens is you move into the fast moving lane, but because everyone else had the same bright idea, it soon becomes the slow moving lane. What you do is move to-and-fro across the highway, like me! <3