super {flea} sunday.

It's time for the {flea} again and this week I'm *so* excited! Doing the {flea} for you all is something I look forward to every week; the perfect way to end an always busy weekend!

I find this weeks {flea} a bit serendipitious. See earlier this week I posted about the Prententious Sunhat and my friend Chelsea at The Vintage Chair had just bought one. Then for Earth Day she had a Tea Party and posted some of her lovely tea sets; and wouldn't you know I had just snagged a very special tea set.

It isn't complete, but I'm hoping Chelsea will still come have tea with me! Made by Winterling in Bavaria, Germany this set dates back to the 60's and the happy mod start burst design matches my dining room perfectly!

I'm still on the hunt for the pattern name, since I'd like to purchase the missing two tea cups and saucers. Isn't it too cute? Anyone who's ready for tea, come on over!

Here's me being a total goon and without glasses. That almost
 never happens (the glasses part; I'm a goon on a regular basis).

Do you have a special tea set in your life? Was it a {flea} find or a special hand me down? I love hearing your stories.

See you all tomorrow; The 60/40 is going native! xo.


Bri said...

What a great find! I am loving those colors!

Erin said...

I love those. The pattern is great!

vintagewithatwist said...

I seriously LOVE that tea set! I found the cutest orange set the other day, but it only had one cup :(

Jennifer said...

That tea set is fantastic! I love the colors and design. It would be great on it's own as a decorative element but I'd want to use it too :)

Kate said...

So super cute! What a find!

craftyMSP said...

wow - I am in love. Good find! Also - I dug out my pretentious sunhat today! Bought it in Florida years ago and still love it.

Sharon said...

Love this blog! You are so darn creative and have an eye for the unique. This tea set is gorgeous. If you want to research, either email a photo or photocopy the pattern and send to "Replacements Limited" in Greensboro where they will research for free and tell you what they have in stock. One of my favorite finds.

Chelsea said...

I will TOTALLY come have a tea party with you and that freaking adorable tea set! What a great find!