storing your pretties.

Earlier when I introduced you to the cute things for my Someday Chest, I said I didn't have an acutal chest. Well, silly me, I do! It's sitting in our living room serving as the coffee table and catch-all for our stchuff. It's on the roster for a This {Humble} Home makeover, but I'm not certain it's right to house my collection of 'someday things'.

So I set off in search of some inspiration and found so many beautiful ways to store them. Decisions, decsions. What do you think?

Some hat boxes might be cute. There are plenty out there, but they could multiply quickly and who has space to store something round?

This toy box from Mod Mom Furniture is uh-may-zing! It's certainly investment piece, but could be passed down from kiddo to kiddo once I'm through with it. *sigh*, this is so pretty.

A stack of vintage suitcases could be lovely.They're cheaply found, can be used for a dozen different uses and make extra cute decor.

I think I'll have to make over my trunk first and see how I feel. It's just moved to the top of my to-do list!

Have a happy afternoon! See you loves tomorrow.


Hearthandmade said...

i would love a trunk like that cream one at the bottom!

Erin Wallace said...

I've always loved the idea of stacked vintage suitcases for storage. Stacked up as a bedside table perhaps.

xo - Erin