dreary happiness.

Today is a dreary day here in Colorado. Clouds are looming, the rain is rolling in and the forecast is calling for snow! Snow?!?! I'm not sure Colorado knows it's Spring yet.

But amongst all the dreary weather there is happiness. A fresh pan of brownies, sewing projects to be done, a warm blanket and a weathered copy of The Bell Jar to be read; one of my favorite books.

Is your weather dreary? Most of my friends and family have talked about chilly weather all week. No matter what it's like in your neck of the woods, I hope you're feeling happy. See you tomorrow. xo.

ps. for some extra happiness, check out my additions to The Someday Chest.


mkonieczki said...

YEESH! SNOW! I guess I should stop complaining about the frigid rain and 40degree weather hear in Chicago.

Jennifer said...

It's been gloomy and cold here in New England since the end of last week.

Also, the Bell Jar is my #2 favorite book ever. Sounds like a great read for a gloomy day.

jackiebean said...

yep, cold and dreary here in pa, too. but i don't mind it too much. days like this make me appreciate the sunny even days more. :) i'm really enjoying your blog. keep up the great work! (your fellow indie biz student)

Manda said...

It's sunny and beautiful in our neck of the woods... I true pleasure from last week (which was dreary and chilly).
Enjoy your reading, warm blanket, sewing projects, and most of all... your BROWNIES. Yummm

Erin Wallace said...

Very cold, rainy, and not at all springlike here. Have only been able to get out into the garden one day this week - but that was a lovely day. Haping for better days ahead!

MeeshOne.Love said...

yesterday it poured and poured but today the sun is shining in our yard and the birds a chirping away. rainy dreary days are perfect for reading and baking and crafting...check, check, and check! the sun here is only keeping me from getting things done! haha!

jane said...

It's actually on the sunny side in London - somewhat cold and crisp, but bright sun and blue skies. My favourite sort of weather. I hope the memo about it being spring does arrive in Colorado soon. Meanwhile, enjoy all of those things... the Bell Jar is such a great book (and probably not best for sunny days anyway!).

Erin said...

I hope it gets sunny for you soon! It is always so beautiful right after it rains. We finally got a taste of some sun and I don't want to give it up. I think I was suffering from some major cabin fever.

christina said...

I like this idea! And that sweater is soooooooo cute.
The weather in NJ is dreary also. It's been soooo cold. I broke out my winter coat again.
So dumb. Hmph.

btw... team festicles in the house.