don't call my name, don't call my name...

Have you seen Lady Gaga's new video for her song Alejandro? That woman never ceases to amaze me. From marketing to her "little monsters" to pushing political and religious boundaries in her videos, Gaga really is on top.

I realize Gaga is a hot topic and some of you probably don't care for her. But I'm asking you to give her a closer look. It's just not show people; she's smart, eloquent, and well informed. Fellow blogger Moorea changed her mind after watching Show Studio's awesome interview with Lady Gaga and had alot of really awesome things to say about how she's changing the Pop scene and art single handedly. You should give both a read and a watch. Oh, and enjoy her new video!

See you all this afternoon with some summer fun; don't forget to weigh in on my up coming Pop-up Shop!


Katie said...

Lover her or hate her, she is absolutely, amazingly, and undeniably talented. I can't imagine what it's like to have that much creativity just pouring out of you like that.

Morganism said...

This song is Ace of Base pastiche, and I don't mean that as a compliment. Her videos are symbolically interesting, but I don't see her music as being particularly original or likeable, but that's my taste. The video for Alejandro obviously references several Madonna videos, pushing the same political and religious boundaries as Madonna did years ago.

I think she's a package, just like most mainstream pop stars who are signed to a major label. Fantastic marketing. Yes, her fashion is outrageous and creative, her videos epic and provacative, which sets her apart from the others, but I don't think she is doing anything revolutionary.

All of a sudden, I'm reading articles about her place as a feminist icon. She's calling herself a feminist now and she's become involved in some charity work that is admirable, but it wasn't that long ago that she defensively denying the label "feminist", as many women do because of stigma surrounding such a categorization. "I'm not a feminist - I, I hail men, I love men. I celebrate American male culture, and beer, and bars and muscle cars..." she said. In my opinion, that's not progressive. She completely contradicts herself here. Based on the interviews I've heard, I think she's pretentious and affected, and really full of crap.

I would never deny that what she creates is art, but we have to remember that she is working with an entire group of artists and designers. I do think she's a shock artist. The spawn of Brittany Spears and Marilyn Manson.

Lady Gaga is white, thin, using sex to sell herself (and I don't mean to come across as puritanical here, but when are women musicians going to stop being expected to show skin and flaunt their sexuality to make it?), and she's singing pop. THAT'S NOT NEW.

End rant. :) I'm sorry, dear. I am just so sick of her, celebrity as God, and the mainstream music industry.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Morganism.

I've seen Lady Gaga was 25ish years ago and she went by the name Madonna. She didn't impress me the first time (although she shocked the hell out of my sheltered teenage self) and she doesn't impress me now.

I prefer music by people who get by on talent. The copycat shock value and marketing turns me off.

As I read this comment, I can't help but think...holy cow. When did I get old? :)