happy weekend.

Happy weekend a day early kittens. Why a day early? I really need it. I've been holding back on you guys and I feel terrible about it. But for some reason...this week just sucked. I'm feeling uncreative, uninspired and just plain bummed out. Ever have one of those weeks?

So I need your help. I want you to tell me you're favorite pick-me-up in the comments, I could really use your suggestions. I'm going to spend this weekend recharging; planting out in the garden, hunting for inspiration, and making my to-do list more manangeable.

I hope you're weekend is full of summer fun. I'm kicking off my inspiration right now with some fun summer pictures. See you all Monday for the Sunday {flea}. xo.

 This has got to be the cutest beach, uh mattress?, ever.

Mmmm, taste the rainbow?

We really need a hose so I can do this. Especially on a day like today when it's 100 outside!

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PS. Get pumped for the Pop-up Shop next week!


Kate said...

Sorry about the crappy week!

Usually I feel better when I have a bit of icecream, get a nice little magazine, do a Denise Austen dancercize video (she's so silly and ditzy sounding I can't help but laugh!) and if that doesn't help- More Icecream!

Jessica said...

For me {and I always get laughed at for this} but I love going to a huge shoe store and trying on every possible shoe I can get my hands on. The crazier the shoe, the better. I don't have to buy any but just trying them on makes me instantly feel better. Weird I know.

Miss your face.

Katie said...

Pull out a map and pick a town not too far from yours that you've never been to. Drive there (with lots of good music playing), take a camera, and see what you find. Mini-roadtrips and exploring always make me happy and inspire me.

Just Sweet Love said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling bummy.... My favorite pick-me-up is to get mani/pedi's. You can just revel in the silence, reflect on any problems you might have and then leave the salon [problem fixed or not] with pretty nails!

But if that doesn't work... I'll tell you what.

I know it sounds kind of nuts, but if you email me your address [or work address], I'll mail you a present! It won't be terrible. Promise :]

And I'm also having a giveaway.. hope this at least brings a smile to your face.

gibknitty said...

I love Katie's suggestion. I live in a city and don't have a car, but I do the same thing on the subway (and I go to different neighborhoods instead of towns!) It's relaxing and takes my mind off things.

I also love to go to a park with a big blanket and just lay down (and spoon with my dog when she is willing, which is almost always).

Erin Wallace said...

My pick me up is a hot bath with a long magazine. Oh, and I like a good beer on occassion, and I don't really think I need to go into my attachment to ice cream. Hope things look up for you, Roxanne! And thanks for the invite to sit in your window seat! Maybe someday . . .

xo Erin