super {flea} sunday: a wish.

Happy Sunday! Today, I am a quarter of a century old. I couldn't ask for a better day to have my birthday, than on {flea} day! 

As I reminisce over the past twenty five years of my life, I find myself being nostalgic over the people I've met and the places I've been. Growing up is a journey I'm enjoying; I feel far from an 'adult', but I love grasping every new opportunity and absorbing everything I can wrap my brain around. 

The {flea} is always my favorite day here at The 60/40; thrift finds, antiques and {flea} finds are something I grew up with. I may be sentimentalizing them, but to me there's nothing better than a house full of found treasures. Things don't need to be new and shiny to be important or stylish. Sometimes in life, the old things, whether it be an old friend or an old camera, can make everything seem just right. 

I do have a birthday wish and I'm asking you, my lovely kittens, to help me out! I'm trying acquire as many old yardsticks as possible for a super cool This {Humble} Home project. I've hit a dead end and I need you. 

I would love your help in finding these yardsticks! If you've got them and want to send them to me, I'd be forever grateful. If you have a lead, a shop or site where I can buy them, please let me know! 

If you think you can help me fulfill my birthday wish, please say so in the comments and leave me your email address. I'm willing to take any and all old, nasty, paint splattered yardsticks off your hands! 

It would truly be a birthday {flea} wish come true!

I'm off to celebrate; hitting a few thrifts and eating pizza with my friends.
Thanks for being amazing; see you tomorrow! xo. 


diane said...

happy quarter century, you wonderful woman!

wishing you an amazing + magical 25th year.

lots of love from california!!! xo

p.s. i will be on the lookout for your yardstick request.

Erin Wallace said...

Happy Birthday, Roxanne!! I havejust realized how old I am finding out that you are 25. I'll keep a look out for yardsticks (I have one, but it's my sewing buddy, so I'll have to find you another).

xo Erin