the best kind of holiday.

What's the best kind of Christmas? Is the worst kind a blogger playing hooky during the blog world's biggest season and simply enjoying herself? I think, kittens, that's what I'm doing.

I think, with Josh being gone, people expected a bah-humbug out of me. But surprisingly, I'm having an amazing holiday. The house is decked, the stockings are hung and I'm enjoying every minute. So much so, that I've just now gotten around to fixing my posting issues and checking up on everything. The season has swept me up though; chats with my husband; sending gifts to family; dinner with the girls. I'm taking a true vacay and really recharging.

I hope you all are too! I miss you all so much and I truly can't wait to get back to writing and sharing. When will that be? I'm making it 100% No doubt about it official, The 60/40 will be back, full time Monday January 3rd, 2011! 

Can you believe it's going to be 2011? I really can't, but that means so many new and exciting things. I have a super cute wintry layout to kick things off and an amazing project to cure the Winter blues. 

Until then, Happy Holidays, my friends! I hope however you're celebrating this year, it's with joy and the ones you love. See you in the new year :) 


P.S. Here's my short-list for last minute gifts.

For Her:

Pretty much anything for this adorable Etsy shop! Prints, Water Slide Decals and Coloring pages galore.
So full of whimsy.

For Him:

Headphones from Urban Outfitters are perfect for every kind of guy. The ipod lover, the gamer, the vinyl collector. May your man be of one or many hats.

For the Furry Ones:

Holy Cat Teepee! This is just cool. Loyal Luxe has stuff for pups too and bow ties.