the best kind of holiday.

What's the best kind of Christmas? Is the worst kind a blogger playing hooky during the blog world's biggest season and simply enjoying herself? I think, kittens, that's what I'm doing.

I think, with Josh being gone, people expected a bah-humbug out of me. But surprisingly, I'm having an amazing holiday. The house is decked, the stockings are hung and I'm enjoying every minute. So much so, that I've just now gotten around to fixing my posting issues and checking up on everything. The season has swept me up though; chats with my husband; sending gifts to family; dinner with the girls. I'm taking a true vacay and really recharging.

I hope you all are too! I miss you all so much and I truly can't wait to get back to writing and sharing. When will that be? I'm making it 100% No doubt about it official, The 60/40 will be back, full time Monday January 3rd, 2011! 

Can you believe it's going to be 2011? I really can't, but that means so many new and exciting things. I have a super cute wintry layout to kick things off and an amazing project to cure the Winter blues. 

Until then, Happy Holidays, my friends! I hope however you're celebrating this year, it's with joy and the ones you love. See you in the new year :) 


P.S. Here's my short-list for last minute gifts.

For Her:

Pretty much anything for this adorable Etsy shop! Prints, Water Slide Decals and Coloring pages galore.
So full of whimsy.

For Him:

Headphones from Urban Outfitters are perfect for every kind of guy. The ipod lover, the gamer, the vinyl collector. May your man be of one or many hats.

For the Furry Ones:

Holy Cat Teepee! This is just cool. Loyal Luxe has stuff for pups too and bow ties.

freshly fallen.

*Here's an update friends; I am having huge issues with the blog that I am working on with blogger, it isn't letting me post from my computer or upload anything! This message comes to you from my phone (pain in my tush). I'll be back in a few days with an update. Thanks for your patience; I miss you all so much. xo, Roxanne*

Hello kittens in mittens! Winter is in full swing here and so am I! I'm jonsing to post, but good things need time to develop, so I'm off, but working overtime for the next few days. 

I hope you're excited though, because The 60/40 will be back full time on Friday November 26th! You're going to be so excited when you see all the new things I have in store for us! 

I don't want to spoil any surprises though, so you'll just have to check back then and see. 
Have the most amazing week! xo.

ready. set. regroup.

Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, will be here in just a few days. I plan on handing out candy with a friend and carving pumpkins. I'm glad to have the season start to change; in the past week we've had snow, sunshine, gloominess and rain. 

With all of this change happening, I've really started to contemplate so many things. I have lots to figure out; some days I'm finding myself excited with opportunity, sometimes I feel drained of inspiration. It's a teeter-totter I'm working on leveling out. 

The 60/40 is going to take a little nap. I'll be gone until the week of November 8th. Don't be sad though, when I get back, this place is going to feel brand new! There are going to be new features, a new look, and revamped favorites. 

Have a happy Halloween and get excited for the Holidays and all the fun things to come on The 60/40!
xo, Roxanne

happy weekend.

Thank you all so, so much for the anniversary love. I'm working on some really awesome things for this upcoming year, new features and next week, a giveaway! The 60/40 is really aiming for the sky.

Hope your weekend is utterly fantastic. I'll be enjoying every moment of this fine fall weather! See you on Sunday for an anniversary worthy {flea} xo. 

a {happy} day indeed.

Good morning kittens! I'm so happy today is here. It's an occasion to celebrate for many reasons. First being, The 60/40 has been going strong for one year as of today! Hooray!

I've never felt so attached to a 'project' as I do this blog. This past year has been so, amazing and I want to say "Thanks" to all of you! Reading your comments and sharing stories makes blogging a complete pleasure. I really hope that I can keep you all inspired and laughing as we head into year two.

As this blog continues to grow, I'll be bringing you new features, interviews and tons of your favorite things, but revamped! Get excited, I know I am!

I'd love to hear from all of you on our "blogiversary". What here at The 60/40 have you loved? What could you do without? What do you want to see/know more of? I love getting your feedback. And if you like what you're seeing, today would be a great day to recommend us to a friend!

As if that weren't enough excitement, it's a very special day for a furry little guy. Today is my Hank's 6th Birth Day! It seems like just yesterday he wandered up onto my apartment porch and plopped his sweetness into my lap. 

It may seem silly to some, but Hank is super important to me and I feel really blessed to have him to hug and cuddle and talk to while Josh is gone. I know Josh misses him too; over the years they've become the best of friends! 

To put the cherry on the sundae you can check out my little interview with Ms. Mixtape herself on her blog today! Michelle is so fantastic and I'm honored to be on her blog.  Check it out! 

My little guy is deserving of a new toy and I'm deserving of a venti Pumpkin Spice Latte, don't you think? Join in the fun and indulge with me; you deserve it for being an awesome reader!

See you tomorrow with new on the upcoming giveaway and some pretty little things!
Thanks so much for stopping by today, it really means the world to me. xo.

crisp knits.

Wow, when is the last time we've talked knitting? It's been a while, but leave it to the arrival of Autumn to get my fingers itching for new cozy, crisp knits on my needles!

I have been knitting on a few things here and there, but alas I never make anything for myself. I'm really wanting a cute fall accessory to add to my wardrobe this fall. A short list is the hard part!

Jared Flood may be my favorite knitwear designer. Everything he does is so serene. Maybe it's his color palate, but I love how textured but non-bulky this Guernsey Wrap is.

via brooklyn tweed : pattern via ravelry

Bobble Bee anyone? This crochet pattern is as cute as its name.

via grace akhrem : pattern via ravelry

Jennifer of JayKay Knits is totally awesome and her Portland Cowl is delicious. I'm working mine up in a yummy alpaca blend.

via jaykay knits : pattern via ravelry

I'm not brave enough to have my hand at this cardi, but it sure is gorgeous. Would you attempt it?

via vogue knitting : pattern via ravelry

And just because you might want to spice up your decor, or whip up a little something for the kiddos, a sweet little pumpkin and this too cute trick or treat bag.

via jan lewis : pattern via ravelry

via the purling sprite : pattern via ravelry

I think it's time to grab a ball of wool. What yummy things are knitting as the weather turns? Hearing about my friends knitting makes me itch to sit down with my needles. I may do that just now.

Tomorrow is a big day, kittens. See you bright and early! xo.

pumpkin delicious.

Naturally when people think of falling leaves and Halloween, they think of pumpkins. But we've come a long way from the classic pumpkin pie. There are desserts of all sorts that capture the essence of this deliciously spicy fruit (or is it veggie?).

Whoopie pies have always been, for me, a Pennsylvania thing. But even out here in Colorado, I plan on whipping up these tasty Halloween versions.

Pairing pumpkin with other fall flavors like chocolate and caramel makes my mouth water like crazy!
I think these Pumpkin-Chocolate Cheesecake Bars look delectable.

An who says you can't have pumpkin for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Well, if you're me, you'd just eat that cheesecake bar for breakfast. But if you don't have the same sweet-tooth try these Pumpkin Doughnuts.

Mmmm...doughnuts! I haven't had a fresh doughnuts in ages. I think these are going on my short to-do list!

No bake is also a super quick and yummy way to go. Pumpkin Cheesecake? Yes please! Or if you have more time, try Martha's Spiderweb Cheesecake.

I think every gal needs a "wow" dessert for each season; something that makes your guests fight over seconds. This year I'm planning on trying this Pumpkin Charlotte. How good does that look?

Are you hungry yet? There are so many pumpkin recipes out there, what are you going to try this year? I think this weekend I'm going to start with the doughnuts. I'll have plenty to share if you're interested.

See you late this afternoon for some cute fall knits! xo.

autumn spectrum.

Anthro is always hitting it out of the park. I think it's fair to say that many of us would kill for a job on their store design team, especially this Fall. Their store fronts across the country are an array of spectacular autumn colors. Enjoy!

I'm in awe. I constantly find myself being inspired by their storefronts; so innovative and colorful. Do you have a favorite Anthro display you've seen? I remember in one shop they had a canopy of flowers made out of kraft paper; it was a huge inspiration for my wedding.

Be sure to check back later for my favorite Fall desserts and the best of Fall knits!

a bit of madness.

Good morning! I hope your weekend ended well and you're off to a good start for the week. It's such a beautiful Monday, that I thought today we'd spook it up a bit!

I'm notoriously picky about my scary movies; anything too "real" scares me. Texas Chain Saw Massacre? Ya, no. That really happened. Saw? Never saw (haha) more than a preview; no, thanks!

But this doesn't mean I don't love some spooky films at Halloween time. I just consider my taste more...I can't find the word for it.  I think there needs to be a balance of reality, fantasy, and artistic flair. 

Here's the perfect list of Halloween movies for a chilly night in. It's sure to entertain, not make you pee your pants! 

1. Carrie
The original Carrie is hands down my favorite spooky movie! Sissy Spacek gives great face in this movie; slightly vague but always terrifying. And let's not forget her crazy mother; who wouldn't want to bring her to dinner?

2. The Shining 
This movie for me, is a super close second to Carrie. Stanley Kubrick is pure genius and now that I live in Colorado, where you can actually stay at the hotel that inspired Stephen King, I'm that much more in love. I always loved Wendy's strength despite her timid demeanor and the movie just wouldn't be the same with our Nicholson and his animated eyebrows. Red Rum! Red Rum!

3. The Birds
I imagine in 1963 when Hitchcock released this film, it was the scariest of its kind. Today, it's everything I think a good horror film should be; scary, but a bit campy; pretty women with brains, amazing music and a killer plot. 

4. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.
Ok, ok, so this isn't exactly a horror film, but it's still creepy enough to make my list. There's something about Jack Nicholson; he plays crazy so well and makes this about the only "reality-thriller" that I can stand to watch. And yes, I have a slight obsession with the fact that Ken Kesey was inspired to write the novel after one of his many LCD trips. This movie is the hippie horror film of the sixties. 

5. Psycho
Most of the movies on this list I have an affection for because of my Mom. She loved turning on these thrillers at Halloween time and I was probably way too young the first time I saw this movie. For a while there I thought Norman Bates and the Bates Motel was real. Up until we discover his "problem" of course. As a young girl, I wondered what would possess a man to keep his mother like that. I figured that he loved her...a lot. Obviously, way too much. 

There you have it. Two Hitchcock films, a little Stanley Kubrick, a splash of blood, and black and white would make a perfect Halloween movie night! There's no need for the gore, the predictability or the bimbos running up the stairs instead of out the front door. What movie would you add to the list?

Grab your friends, make some yummy popcorn balls and cider and have yourselves a spooky evening!

super {flea} sunday.

This Sunday, so far, has been the most beautiful Autumn day. The air is crisp, the leaves are gently falling and I have a nice hot cup of cider to keep me company! 

This week's {flea} is short and sweet. I came across this sweet little scrapbook a few weeks back and had to have it. The starburst design is so precious and the pages inside are worn and yellowed. 

I think I'll be using this to journal about the past year of my life. Snapshots, letters, and trinkets will find it's way into this little space. What would you journal about if this baby was on your desk?

I am SO excited about this week kittens. All week long I'm going to be celebrating the one year anniversary of The 60/40! There's a birthday, a giveaway, a spooky list, and a {flea} you won't forget! I hope you'll come back tomorrow and join in all the fun :) See you then. xo. 

happy weekend.

Another weeks has slipped by me somehow. What is with me kittens? I can't seem to "get it together" as they say, but this weekend I have to! What are your fabulous weekend plans? I'm headed to the Pumpkin Patch with the girls tomorrow and will spend every day after that cleaning my heart out for the arrival of my Mom! I can't wait for her to come and kick my creative energy into high gear. 

Next week is a week long celebration; it's The 60/40's one year anniversary! I'm so excited to share with you some of my very favorite things. I hope you'll join me in the fun. 

I'll leave you with this sweet little reminder of years past. I found this lock I used on my diary in the second grade. Took me waaaay back and made me smile. Hope it makes you smile too! Happy weekend friends. xo.

super {flea} sunday.

Good afternoon! Your weekly {flea} is coming in a day late, but for good reason. Yesterday I to the most amazing trip into the mountains! I can't wait to share my photos and adventure with you later in the week.

Today I want to celebrate the 'little things' and by little I mean those cheap but fabulous finds that you just can't help but smile over.

I found a new thrift last week that I adore. It was seriously the cleanest, best smelling thrift in the history of all time (it smelled like cookies and candles). While many of the clearly marked and visible items were things I wasn't looking for, I spied this adorable coin bank from the seventies out of the corner of my eye.

Total cost? Three quarters! I couldn't believe it. The whole way home I couldn't stop looking at it. For some reason their retro colors and sleepy eyes just made me so very happy. Sometimes it's the cheap finds that are the best.

So there you have it kittens, another cute Sunday {flea}. What's the smallest item you've acquired that always makes you smile?

Be sure to come back this week for lots of fun leading up to The 60/40's one year anniversary! xo.

happy weekend.

Another Fall Friday is upon us and I am so excited! I want to thank you all so much for supporting me this week and my lack of motivation. I've already got some super fun plans to get my creativity flowing, I can't wait to share them with you! 

I've been working hard on setting up our house exactly the way I want it and started with a pretty fall wreath. It's actually a kit, which was so much fun to put together, from Paper Source. The mauve, copper and coral are so pretty together and I love looking at it when I head out or come home.

I totally recommend this for a fun filled afternoon. And, bonus! I kept the instructions so I can cut my own flowers in any other color scheme I wish. Too cute, right?

Next week I'm planning some really cute stuff and pretty soon The 60/40 will be celebrating its one year anniversary! How exciting is that? 

If you heart The 60/40, please recommend it to your friends! There's going to be a big anniversary giveaway coming up and another when I reach 100 followers. So send out the word lovely kittens! Also, please leave a comment letting me know what you'd like to see more (or less) of here on The 60/40. I want to make my second year better than the first! 

I hope you have the most amazing weekend! See you Sunday for a super cute {flea}. xo.