sneak peek.

I am so excited and hope you are too, that The 60/40 Pop-Up Summer Shop is only one day away! I've been working hard to get everything together and I'm pumped to share with you a little sneak peek. The shop will go live, Thursday July 1st at 7 p.m. EST. There will be clothes, yarn, accessories and awesome prices. Even a few little suprises for some very lucky kittens!

Waffle Tour Sweater

 This has been quite a learning experience and I'm really excited to share it all with you. I truly appreciate your support and interest and hope to see you there!


journaling bits.

Good afternoon, kittens! How's your day going? I had a bright and early morning; stood in line for an hour and came home with a new iPhone. It's been a fantastic procrastinating tool, let me tell you.

Otherwise, things here are busy; The 60/40 Pop-Up Summer Shop is right around the corner! But every moment I can, I'm loving more and more the 30-Day Journaling Challenge. I'm a bit behind, but I don't want to force the pages for the sake of catching up. It's best to let the creativity flow, ya know?

Here's what I've been up to. Are you keeping up with the challenge? I'd love to see your pages too!

Day 3, Janel asked us to write a letter to someone we love. This one's for my sister-in-law.

Day 4 was all about heart. What it's filled with and what it looks like. I had so much fun pulling inspiration from the pretty flowers in my comforter. It's one of my favorite pages yet!

Day 5 was dedicated to all my favorite blogs. I could've done about eight pages of these, I read so many. I got a chance too, to use some of the pretty tape I recently acquired.

Day 6 I did on a sort of melancholy day. The prompt was to draw a representation of time and things that needed to be done. I made a little list of things for Josh and I to do this Summer.

Day 7 came at the perfect time. The prompt was simple, "How are you feeling today?" And that particular day, I was feeling full of  l-o-v-e. I think so far, this is hands down my favorite page.

I'm still working hard to catch up, but I can't wait to show you all more pages super soon!

Ok, off to work hard for the rest of the day. Rest easy, friends. xo.

simply modern handmade.

Happy Monday, friends! Who's pumped for an awesome week? I know I am, we're closing in on the final countdown and The 60/40 Pop-Up Summer Shop will open Thursday, July 1st!

I'm hard at work, but still had time to loving gaze on some pretty modern pieces from Bookhou. Their stuff is just so lovely. I find my taste becoming more modern as I get older, I think it has to do with the simplicity of it all; the clean lines and beautiful woods. But Bookhou's things still manage to have that touch of whimsy.

I would adore hanging this wooden alphabet over my desk. Or in a nursery.

Yes, yes, yes. I love that it's not "perfect".

all via bookhou

They've given me a good dose of daydreaming and now...back to the dungeon! Just kidding, I acutally have quite nice light to do my work. There's going to be lots of fun this week! Some more 30-Day Journal Challenge, sweet inspiration, a brand spankin new This {Humble}Home (I've been missing those, haven't you?) and if you're sweet, a little sneek peak of the shop. Have a fantastic Monday! xo.

super {flea} sunday.

What an absolutely beautiful morning! The sun is out, we're cooking up a big breakfast with our friends and enjoying plenty of laughs. It was so nice having them here. Leah and I are two peas in a pod and had so much fun hanging out and chatting ( though we missed the

Even though she and her hubby were just staying the night, I still wanted to make them feel welcome. So I used Ruffle's free bunting pattern and hung a sweet little sign over the bed for them.

It was so easy to do and looked pretty on some pearly paper. To remember their evening with us, they can slide each piece of bunting off and take them home.

And I may have missed the thrift last night, but I still have a totally cute {flea} for you today! A few weeks back I stumbled on some amazing finds amongst a pile of hardware.

The vintage locker bin fits perfectly under my nightstand for all of my magazines and books. A bright red photo album will make an awesome scrapbook and the little green book is the best! It says "My Trip" on the front, is dated 1923, and has prompts every few pages to record what you saw on an unforgetable trip; people you met and yummy things you ate. I hope to fill it up with one amazing trip someday!

What found its way into your life this weekend? You all shared some amazing weekend plans; Ikea, weddings, band meetings. I can't wait to hear! See you all tomorrow with some great inspiration. xo.

happy weekend.

I would absolutely love to curl up in bed and hang out on the couch this weekend, but we have so many fun plans! My friend Leah and her husband are coming for a visit. We've never met before and I'm so excited to meet her and see if I can't convince her to do a little thrifting.I don't think it will take much)!

What lovely weekend plans are on your agenda? Any good concerts or picnics in your neck of the woods? I need a good concert soon. Have a happy weekend, kittens, and see you Sunday for the {flea}!

quick, quick, quiz me!

Just in time for some weekend fun, Lazy Kate Creates tagged me for a super silly quiz. I'm in an extremely goofy mood let's go!

1. What's your staple, go to meal?
Kielbasa, Saurkraut and Mashed Taters. It's one of my favorites and I love that I can throw it into the crock pot and walk away! I also make some mean parmesan potatoes in this house...alot.

2. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I have noooo clue! I'm a brainstormer and a thinker, so I'm always coming up with new things to do and looking for ways to turn that into my "forever job". I know two things: I want to work for myself. Growing up watching my Dad run his own business has never encouraged me to work a "9-5". And I know I want to be a Mom. I once asked when I was little if you had to go to college to a Mom, teehee.

3. What book are you reading at the moment?
I just started The Power of Less by Leo Babauta. He runs an awesome blog called Zen Habits and the book is all about simplifying your life and focusing on what you really want. My scatterbrain needs it!
I also reread, every summer On The Road by Jack Kerouac. It's my favorite book of all time.

4. How do you relax?
By going to the Thrift! I don't necessarily need to buy anything (but who are we kidding, I almost always come home with a little something). But just wandering the aisles, seeing pretty things, and gathering ideas soothes my mind. That and used bookstore (I love the smell). I'm a simple gal.

5. What color are the interior walls of your home?
White, white and more white. I'm a renter. There isn't much I can do at the moment, but I've been known to convince a landlord or two to let me go crazy.

6. What is your guiltiest pleasure?
Three hours of The Office, every Tuesday. Just me and my husband sitting on the couch, eating whatever we can rummage up and laughing our butts off. Oh and buying Vinyl.

7. What time is bedtime and getting up time?
Ha! Ask my friends and my family...I'm "good in bed". I love sleep, but I have a different sleep clock than most people. Bedtime is usually anywhere between um, 2 and 4am? Today, I haven't even slept (Crazy, I know). Getting up? That's even funnier. I won't discuss what time I usually wake up, your jaw would drop. 

8. How long do you spend reading blogs (per day or per week)?
It's tough to say; I usually sit down after my shower and log in, but with my iPhone and Google Reader, I'm constantly clicking if there's a new post. I'm a sucker for blog hopping and if I'm doing nothing, I'll spend an hour or so reading new faces and old favorites. 

To pass the fun along, I'm supposed to shout out a few other awesome bloggers to take the quiz!

Chelsea at Red Dirt Revival
Brooke at On The Wings Of A Dove

sweet little bug.

I'm intrigued about people and their connections to their pets. Why do they choose the dog they do? The name? Jessica Florence and her pet rat, Bug (yes, a rat) have me reeling. Rodents usually make me squeal and run the other way, but Bug; he's completely adorable. I'm not suprised the amount of amazing shots she's taken; it's clear she and Bug are smitten with one another. And that can make anyone smile.

Tell me that isn't sweet? The rest of Bug's Flickr set is just as cute. He has a saucy little personality and I can't get over the cuddle pictures.

I read that, sadly, Bug passed away last year. But Jessica, in honor of her friend, made a book about him. What a sweet memorial for a sweet little bug.

too cute.

I'm working hard today on some projects and spending lots of time with Josh. I love it when he comes home from work earlier than expected.

As I was hunting for my next little project, Bri posted this lovely little banner available for free from Ruffle! Good eye Bri! This just screams Summertime and would too cute out at your next BBQ.

download available here.

I think I shall hang some lovely words on my mantel. What would you spell?

sweet smiles.

Last week I posted about my super crappy mood. So many of you were awesomely supportive and uplifting. New friends and old friends all gave me ways to cheer up. Jenny, of Just Sweet Love offered me a kind solution and I opened my mailbox over the weekend to find 2 pretty necklaces (one of which I'm wearing) and just about the sweetest note ever! Thanks Jenny, you made my week so much brighter!

Jenny has awesome taste; isn't this vintagesque brooch necklace adorable? And her Mini Moo card is so cute. Be sure to check out her blog; chalk full of inspiration!

This week has been off to an amazing start. There were so many awesome posts yesterday and if you missed it, click on the sidebar button for The 60/40 Pop-Up Summer Shop announcement! I'm also working on a very cool project for our bedroom and having fun with my newest find; a Lomography Fisheye Camera!

Lomography makes the latest and greatest in analog film (or is it the oldest and truest?). They're home of the Holga, Diana and other classic 35mm cameras. I snagged mine on clearance at Urban Outfitters in the prettiest turqouise color. I love not knowing how exactly each photo will turn out until I have them developed. But with 170 degrees in each picture, I don't think I can go wrong!

Tonight brings lots of errands and some time to relax. See you kittens tomorrow!

the perfect summer day.

Today was pretty much the perfect start to Summer. There was Lavender Lemonade; The Pop-Up Summer Shop and a very happy Birth Day (my mom get's to see Paul McCartney, lucky lady). I didn't think it could get better than that, but as I was sitting on the front stoop, Josh pulled up early than usual. He dug around the front seat and pulled out these and a heartfelt card!

I truly feel like the happiest girl in the world right now. It's funny how when you're having an ok day, one thing comes about that makes you look back and realize all the blessing bestowed on you. I love being sentimental and nostalgic (two of my favorite words); I prefer to live those feelings in the moment because someday, I might not get them back. Today was one of those days that I'll remember for a long time.

Tell me; how was your first day of Summer? Did you do anything special to celebrate?  I'm off to make a yummy Summer chicken and eat a cherry popsicle! See you all tomorrow for more goodness!

welcome to summer.

Today marks the first official day of Summer! Are you as excited as I am? I look forward to this day every year, both for my Mom's birth day and the start of barefeet, tanned shoulders and cool drinks.

To kick of Summer right here at The 60/40, I'm going to share with you my latest obsession: Lavender Lemonade!!! My new friend, Julia, took me to the cutest little lunch spot in town and I fell head over heels for theirs. It's delicious, crisp, and probably the most amazing thing I've ever tasted. After stopping by the place three days in a row to get one to go, I threw it to the wind and made it at home.

Enjoy these two delicious recipes; one for fresh lemonade and one for lavender syrup (so you can cheat and throw it in some Country Time). Feel free to share them, just link on back to me please. Oh, and enjoy the delicious explosion of lavender and lemon in your mouth! Can you tell I'm in love?

Ready? Set? Summertime!

Fresh Lavender Lemonade

To make a fresh batch you'll need the following:

-Food grade dried or fresh Lavender (1/4 cup if they're leaves, 2 Tbsps if they're flowers)
(Food grade Lavender is cheaply found at most organic food stores)
- 2 cups boiling water
-3/4 cups sugar
- 8 to 10 lemons (depending on how tart you like your 'ade)
- 5 cups cold water (or to taste)
- 1 tray of ice cubes

Two simple steps, 15 minutes and you'll have yourself a tasty treat!

1. Place ice into a pitcher. In a seperate bowl pour the boiling water over the Lavender. Steep for 10 minutes (minimum, longer equals stronger. I went about 30 minutes). Be amazed at how the water turns the most lucious shade of purple. Strain the Lavender and discard. Mix the sugar into the Lavender water and pour over the ice. 

2. Cut your lemons and squeeze all the juice right into the pitcher! Taste with a spoon every few lemons until you reach the strength you desire. Don't forget to cut a few slices for garnish. Add cool water, 1/2 cup at a time, stirring and tasting as you go.

3. Pour, add a lemon wedge and enjoy the most refreshing beverage!

Lavender Syrup

The syrup is highly concentrated, but keeps for a few weeks if well sealed and refridgerated. Add it to pancakes, ice cream and fruit too!

You'll need:

-2 cups of water
-1 cup of white sugar
 (not totally important, but I used cane sugar and my syrup is more of a purply-brown, not cute)
- 2 Tablespoons dried Lavender Flower (a tad more if you're using the leaves)

1. In your deepest saucepan bring the Lavender and water to a boil. Quickly add the sugar and simmer for 1 minute, stirring until dissolved. (Please, use a deep pot or you'll end up with a sticky sugary stovetop like me!)

2. Steep for 30 minutes. Then strain the Lavender and discard.

3. Bottle in a mason jar or other container with a tight seal. Cool in the fridge.

*My bottle contains a double recipe, super easy and more to go around!*

What a lovely way to welcome Summer, no? I hope you enjoy these recipes. They're super simple to make and oh-so-yummy. I'd love to hear what you think!

See you all tomorrow; I'm off to enjoy the sunshine. xo.
Keep scrolling for The 60/40 Pop-Up Summer Shop announcement!

Ps. My sister-in-law just had the most fabulous idea! If you're looking to keep it super easy simply pour the syrup into ice cube trays and freeze. For an added touch, add a lavender sprig to each cube before hand. Instant cuteness!

the 60/40 pop-up summer shop!

I am so super excited to announce officially The 60/40 Pop-Up Summer Shop! In honor of summer I'm offering some gently used things at stellar deals. There will be clothes (some vintage), jewelery and yarn. A bit of Summer goodness for everyone!

I know that some of you have shown interest when I first posted and I am extremely grateful. When I set out to do this I thought I'd just throw up some pictures and it would be done. But I'm wanting to make this a really fun experience for all of us! So, the Pop-Up Shop will open July 1st, 2010 until all the items are gone. All payments will be through Paypal and there are even a few treats for some of you lucky gals!

Until the big day I'll be editing and getting things ready. You; your job is to stay pumped up! And anytime your heart desires, you can click on the shop button in the right sidebar to check for updates!

Who's excited? I am!!!

not a day over perfection.

Happy Birthday to my awesome Mom! I hope today is a warm and beautiful day and you find yourself relaxing out on the patio with your favorite glass of wine. 

your favorite child.  

This is my Mom and Dad on my wedding day. So cute I wanna barf (don't worry, I'm barfing out of affection). My Mom is pretty flippin' lucky to have such an awesome birthday; not only the first day of Summer, but the longest day of the year!

Speaking of Summer; the Pop-Up Shop announcement is coming up in just a bit and later a little treat to kick off summer! Stay tuned. xo.

super {flea} sunday.

Good afternoon, kittens! I hope you're having an awesome Sunday. I know some of you are probably cooking up something yummy for Father's Day. Whatcha making? Can I come for dinner? I promise to clear my own plate.

Today is busy, busy around here; a birthday today, one tomorrow, Father's day, the first day of Summer and a million and one things to do! But I hope to find the time to make my favorite chicken dish and share some goodness with all of you. Tomorrow is the big Pop-Up Shop announcement! Be sure to check in for that and a yummy treat to celebrate the arrival of Summer.

The {flea} today is bright and fun. I'm really wanting to fill our new house with lots of fun colors and these little towels fit the bill. I adore the little houses on the tea towel. Since they're too pretty to use, I've laid the tea towel out on my dresser.

I've also been finding lots of fun vintage literature. Being a knitter I enjoy a challenging pattern and this Bernat Handicrafter pattern book is that and completely adorable. Just look at those cute little babies on the cover. I'll be whipping up some of these patterns to add to the Someday Chest.

What lovely vintage finds are gracing your home lately? I want to hear what you're most awesome Summer finds are. See you all tomorrow for the big announcement and a celebration! xo.

father of mine.

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy! Yes, I still call him that; I'm a total Daddy's girl.

Thanks for being the smartest person I know. Thank you for teaching me to stand up for myself, the use of common sense, and to cherish the ones I love. You are and always will be the smartest person I know (and the only person I know that talks more than me!). I could try to make a list of everything important thing you've taught me, but that would be impossible. Everyday you brought a life lesson to the table and made it clear and easy to grasp; and even when you thought I wasn't listenening, I was. I appreciate so much now the tough things you made me face as a kid. I wouldn't be the adult (or Yankees fan) I am today without you.  Thank you for believing in me and always being there.

Love you the most, 

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there! What's the thing you love most about your Dad? 

the spring chicken.

I wanted to wish one of my very best friends, Jess, a happy happy birth day! Jess told me the other day she's "No spring chicken", but I disagree. She's an awesome mom (of 3!), wife, friend and still manages to look killer on any given day.

I love you friend. I hope you're enjoying your birthday in your new home! I can't wait to come and visit you. We can make cake (Jess makes the best cakes, including our wedding cake). xo.

This picture is from the first time Jess and I met. We "met on the internet" and chatted there and on the phone for almost two years. I also asked her on this day to be my maid of honor. That's love.

Quick, funny story about Jess and I. The day after my wedding, a group of us headed to downtown Pittsburgh for food and fun. The guys drove together and Jess and I rode down in the rental car. We kept getting honks on the highway and lots of confused looks. We pulled up to a red light and along side us, the best looking cab driver ever. He rolled down his window, pointed to the back of the car and said "Did you just get married?". It hit us that the back windshield was decorated from the wedding day saying "Just Married". We told the cabbie yeah, we were in loooove and drove off. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard.

happy weekend.

Wow, I can't believe it's the weekend already. This week flew and was 100% better than the last. In a huge part, thanks to all of you. There was blogging, shopping, picture taking and just about the yummiest drink ever (more on that next week).

I also went to one of six Farmer's Markets in town that opened this week and came away with a basket full of goodies. Fresh produce and meeting the people that grow it makes me so happy about eating. I'm already looking forward to next week!

Josh likes the eggs because they're brown and blue.

 My bounty, lettuce, leeks, swiss chard (aren't the stems gorgeous?), cilantro, radishes, roasted garlic bread, herbal citrus soap and the eggs pictured above. Ok, now I'm hungry!

Ooh and I bought beef (which I haven't really eaten since we moved here after seeing the farms in Kansas) from a local farm. Organic, free-range, grassfed and no hormones. Bring on the steak!

Josh had today off and we have lots of fun weekend projects before us; namely, the back patio. What are you up to this weekend? Something fabulous, I hope!

See you Sunday for a Pop-Up Shop announcement and The {flea}. Get excited and have a happy weekend. xo.

crazy busy.

Good afternoon loves! How is your day looking? I've been so busy these past few days, I feel as though I haven't had a moment. I have some totally awesome things to share with you this evening, but first I have a photoshoot for the Pop-Up Shop (which I'll also talk more about tonight). I'm super excited; this is my first time really behind the lense and styling a "shoot". It's so much fun already!

So hang tight; grab a popsicle and wait for me, ok? I promise I'll be back in a blink! xo.

Just Me And The Best Part Of My Day.

Wow, wow. I am so beyond happy this morning. Your comments on my Pin It Forward were so heartwarming. You all truly have no idea how much I adore you. Victoria, SF Girl By Bay, herself, even commented....look:

 How freakin' awesome is that? It was a total shock and delight; I feel so blessed to have been a part of this.

I was on such a high yesterday; I not only shared with you all, but preordered myseld a pretty little iPhone 4, and did some fantastic shopping in Denver with my friend Shannon. All in all it was an totally amazing day.

Today is going to be awesome too! Our locals Farmer's Market opens tonite, I'm working full force on the Pop-Up Shop and the 30-Day Journaling Challenge is seriously rocking my socks!

It's only day three of the challenge but I find myself looking forward to the new prompt every evening. Want to see what I've been up to? Please keep in mind, I am not a painter or good at drawing; this is purely for fun!

Day one's prompt was to introduce ourselves, using our name many times and journaling things that represented us. Here's my page.

Yes, I put "you don't have to turn on the red light" on my page. That song is something I've learned to live with over the years and embrace. And don't lie, you know you sing that out loud when you read my name.

I also used a bit of color. Alot of the participants are going for all black, but I bought a 24 pack of markers; and the colors are pretty; and, it's summer! I'll be using color thoughtfully throughout.

Day two was even better; Janel asked us to journal about the best part of our day. This one was too easy. I didn't realize until after that I had actually picked up the navy colored marker instead of black, I quite like it.

Josh chuckled when I showed him this; not because it's the best part of my day, but because he found one of his Army boots at the top of the stairs in the morning and thought I was trying to kill a bug. Nope, just getting a visual.

I'll be sharing my prompts with you every once in a while (maybe once a week?) and I encourage you to join in. It's seriously so much fun!

There you have it; me and the best part of my day. What's the best part of your day? What's your favorite time of day? Mine is late afternoon; I just love sunshine and shadows and stillness of a day well done.

See you tomorrow with some of my shopping finds and a little fun! Happy Wednesday!

Pin It Forward: What Home Means To Me

 I am so very excited for today! It's finally my turn in Victoria's lovely blog mashup, Pin It Forward. If you're one of my regular readers, you're in for a treat. If you're popping by The 60/40 for the first time today, hi! I'm super happy to have you here.

Pin It Forward in conjuction with Pinterest (check the sight out, it's flippin' awesome) and 300 of the raddest bloggers out there has me thoroughly inspired. Today I'm going to share with you my Pinterest board about "What Home Means To Me".

Home is.....

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My forever home.

A plate of my mom's perogies; a Pittsburgh staple. 
A pastrami sandwhich with fries and slaw on top from Primanti Brothers.

A trip with friends up the Duquense Incline.

Home, as my husband and I say now, is where the Army sends us....

From Eglin AFB in Florida; with F-16's overhead and sand under our toes.



To Fort Carson, Colorado and waking up to the mountains every day. We're so lucky to live in America's most beautiful places.

But home is also sometimes....

Doing the tough stuff, like being worlds apart.

And sadly, at it's worst, home means having to say goodbye to the ones you've come to love....

But at the very best, having the Army be your home, means saying hello again after all that time.

And day to day, home to me means bliss, peace and comfort. Being with the ones I love; celebrating the little things and finding any reason to smile.

Any excuse for a ballgame.

Books galore at my fingertips...

And a comfy place to read them.

A crisp glass of lemonade on a hot day.

A place to gather up all of your favorite people...

drink too much wine, play too much rock band and laugh til you pee a little.

Home is a place to feel inspired.


A place to cuddle up with my bestest little friend.

And the perfect place to rest my head at night, next to the one I love.

all photo credits available here

So there you have it kittens, from the bottom of my heart, what home means to me. What does home mean to you? I had a hard time putting into words that euphoric, nostalgic feeling I get about "home". My board is pretty broad considered to alot of the ones I've seen, but it just feels right.

Be sure tomorrow to check out the next Pin It Forward blogger, Small and Pretty. And give yourself a while, you'll get lost in all the cute things and inspiration she has for the little ones in your life.

See you all this afternoon for a 30-Day Journaling Challenge update! And the Pop-Up Shop is going live later this week!  xo.