super {flea} sunday.

My name is Roxanne and I'm addicted to thrifting. (Hiiii, Roxanne). Seriously I think it is pretty easy to love going to different {flea}s when you keep finding amazing stuff at amazing prices.

I feel as though I've reached some sort of peak this week and not just in terms of the {flea} or the blog. I've been feeling really inspired lately and I'm taking that energy and running with it. I'm a busy bee crafting, sewing, knitting, making cute little pieces of art and lists to inspire myself by. I completed quite a few things on my list from my 'happy weekend' post and a few other things I didn't expect. We are starting to get really serious about our move, it's coming up in a short month and a half and I see it as a clean slate; a fresh start. My husband (Josh...I'll go by his name from now on) and I are wanting to make quite a few big changes when we move (no Mom, not a baby) and for the first time I feel as if we'll be in the perfect position to facilitate these changes. I think the stars are starting to align, we just need to follow them.

Ok, wow, didn't mean to get all philosophical on you, this is the {flea} for goodness sake. Well I do think the stars are aligning and one must have been hanging over the {flea} this week when we went on Saturday. I haven't been in quite a while and of course went in with a "I'll just look" attitude. Ya...that never happens. Turns out I snagged some of my greatest finds; I'm still on cloud 9.

I've been on my globe kick for a while; but I don't buy every globe I see. It has to be something special and the older the better. I got to the last booth and there lay a beauty. This beauty had no price tag; the manager called the vendor (who happens to be the owner and a globe collector) and he cut me a deal. This beauty is from 1945; it even shows East/West Germany. This beauty.......lights up!

The clouds parted, the heavens sang. I have been searching for one of these that didn't cost fifty bucks or wasn't brand new. Seriously folks, this is one of my favorite finds ever! This beauty is in perfect condition.

That was my last find of the day; I was also fortunate enough to snag these amazing pretties.

The Mushroom Magic print is actually a hand painted print distributed by Soovia Janis Inc and is dated 1968. When I searched to learn more about the company and the artist (Jacque) I learned that it's a part of a recipe series by different artists (Jacque's were all yellow and for the record the recipe sounds delish) and the frame is original. The search also brought up others for sale on Etsy and shops like Three Potato Four. Now I love Three Potato Four, but I'm sure they weren't charging $12 for the prints. I think I got a steal.

The thermos used to be part of a set and I saw similar ones on Etsy for upwards of twenty dollars; I paid $2.25. Yes; you read that correctly.

The little glass is from America made Libbey Glass Company out of Toledo, OH. I paid $3 and the little owls are so vivid and quite hilarious; several of them look like they have moustaches.

See the owl in the lower left; tell me he doesn't have a moustache? Speaking of glass, several of you were interested in the glass milk carton from Friday's post. I did some searching and found it right here for relatively inexpensive. I also really dig the glass ziploc bag.

Hope you enjoyed this week's {flea}; I was super excited to share it with you! I also want to welcome some new faces I've seen. I appreciate all of you coming back again and again to read, so this week we're going to celebrate with a giveaway!

Be sure to keep checking back. I'm off to have dinner with Josh (we might try to recreate some amazing hot dog, french fry, sauteed onion thing we just saw on the boob tube) and start on my last Valentine's project. xo.

lace all over.

Let's get something straight. I suck at knit-alongs; everyone is always faster than me and I hate knitting on a dealine; even an open ended one. So when Kate, from Lazy Kate Creates, proposed the idea of not only a KAL, but a lace KAL, I was dead set on not participating.
checkerboard lace scarf via the purl bee : pattern via ravelry

But then she kept posting about it and more and more knitters started joining up. I totally caved to the peer pressure and for a good reason; for this KAL there are no rules! That's right, none. You can knit nekkid in the street if you like (not that I advise such a thing).
lakeside socks (cute, right?) via knotions : pattern via ravelry

The Adventures in Lace KAL starts tomorrow on February 1st; we even have our very own Ravelry group and Flickr pool; we are that cool. In keeping with the 'no rules' fun, my project will be my Ravelympics project, so I will cast on February 12th. Crap; where did January go?

Join us won't ya? I can't wait to cast on and see what everyone else is doing!
Up next; a very exciting Super {flea} Sunday!

happy weekend.

Morning lovelies. I'm so very happy for the weekend. What does your weekend look like? I'll be keeping inspired; here's what my weekend looks like:

1. Finish my Mara Shawl; I seriously feel like this ribbing is never ending.
2. Start a hat for myself and possibly some gloves (hooray, more selfish knitting!)
3. Whip up some more sewing ideas I have.
4. Make 2 Valetines projects, one for hubby and one for an amazing friend (posts to come later)
5. Make a little to-do list for all the projects I'm starting to accumulate in my noggin'. I know I'm attempting to "plan less, do more", but I can't keep track of all the ideas floating through my brain!
6. Read a little Salinger to remember him by.

I'd like to ask you a favor too, please. I would absolutely adore it if you clicked that little button on the right that says 'follow'. I hate to whore myself out, but I like you all and I want you to stay. I also don't mind if you want to tell your friends ;) I love meeting new people and seeing new faces. Looking at that little box every day and seeing the number go up by one or two really makes me smile. Thank you!

I'll have a sweet little {flea} this Sunday and next week I'm going to have a giveaway cause I love you! See you then. xoxo.

life is a game, boy. life is a game that one plays according to the rules.

When I wake up in the morning I usually lay in bed for a while and check my email, facebook and what not from my iPhone. I play with Hank a little bit (he chases my toes that are under the sheets). Today when I woke up; I stopped at some really sad news. Literary great, J.D. Salinger passed away.

Now some of you may not think this is worthy of a post, but though I didn't know him, Salinger was important to me. Reading Catcher in the Rye when I was young was like looking at a portrait of myself on paper. When I was older he became a literary influence; inspiring me to write; opening my eyes to different types of prose and other Beat Generation authors.

I forget who did the survey, but a handful of years back a magazine did a "greatest literary heros" list and Holden Caulfield topped that list. The book is still a best seller. Franny and Zoey are still there for me; their musty pages on my bookshelf. Salinger afforded me, all of us, this. His brilliance brought us one of the greatest works of literature of our time.

Salinger was 91 years old. I suppose we can only hope to have such a brilliant mind, and live such a long meaniful life such as his.


The Olympics are something I have gotten into for a really long time and this year will be my first Ravelympics. For you non-Ravelry loves, it's a Ravelry wide competition where you cast on when the torch is lit and attempt to complete one (or many) challenging projects before the torch is put out.

The winter Olympics are by far my favorite and I am giggling over the silly competition names like, Downhill Dyeing, Scarf Super-G and Sock Hockey. Want to know what I'm going to knit? I will be making Jared Flood's Hemlock Ring Blanket, which will qualify me for the Giant Slalom-ghan and the Lace Luge.

via brookly tweed : pattern via ravelry

 I am going to genuinely be challenge to finish such a large blanket in seventeen days.

Then there is my team. They are all extremely talented and I'm so grateful to have the support of so many fantastic knitters. The group I'm playing with are all connected through Three Irish Girls yarn (you could say we're all obsessed) and we call ourselves, Team Sheepnuts. Yes, Sheepnuts. It's a long standing joke, but I'm loud and proud to be on such a freakin' awesome team!

Remember my post about Quatchi? He's rooting for Team Sheepnuts too! I drew him up last week for the team to use and if you stalk me hard enough, you'll see him in my Ravatar.

But what may have me most excited about the Ravelympics is the yarn. Of course! Sharon of Three Irish Girls is the sweetest Yarnista in the land and dyed us up our very own, special edition, Ravelympics yarn! Squeee! As a group we voted on some Olympic/Sheepnut inspired photos (that is quite a combination to capture in one photo) and I received my yarn in the mail yesterday. Sadly I didn't buy enough for my blanket, but I'll be able to whip up something cozy for myself  in the future.

Ok, Ok, I know you're dyeing (dyeing, get it?) to see it. So here in all her glory is the aptly named Sheepn... colorway.

Purrrty right? I love the soft blue tone with the grey and buttercream. I ordered it on the Carys BFL base and it is super smooshy and squishy. I gazed at it for five seconds and it immediatly went into my top three favorite colorways.

Can you see why I'm excited for the Ravelympics? What team are you competing on? What events are you doing? I'm itching for February 12th to roll around so I can cast on. Join me, will ya!

look what i made.

I've been itching to use my sewing machine, in keeping with my goals for the new year. I've been so inspired by cute little 'shrooms that today I had to make one for myself. What do you think? This is the first thing I've sewed up since I was in probably the eigth grade.

I used a little felt and stitched on the hearts and face before sewing it all up. I embroidered for the first time too; I'd like to try my hand at some more complicated stitches. It took a little futzing for me to figure out putting it all together, but I did it! I think tomorrow I'm going to have to whip up something else; this is fun.

i wish.

So it's getting close to moving time. In March hubby and I will be headed to Colorado; where the sun shines alot and the snow is plentiful. I'm overly excited. So excited, that I often stalk realty sites, craigslist and the like for the perfect rental. As an Army family we could live on post, but it's a long wait ( I won't bore you with the details).

Today, I found that perfect rental! It covers my list of small requirements for this move (hardwood floors, fireplace, light walls (aka not crazy batshit mauve on the walls like my current place), lots of windows). Wanna see? I know you do.

Behold....the loft,

that's in this flipping sweet building

and has amazing windows.

Yeah, the pictures are crap, but look at it! It speaks for itself. That top picture was all I needed to see. There was a pic of the bathroom too, it had a exposed brick wall. Hello, perfection.

There's a teensy problem though.....yeah, the price. It's just a measly thousand bucks a month out of our price range. But...but...but, I love it.

*Le sigh* a gal can dream, right?

well la-ti-da.

Happy Monday lovelies! This Monday is uber beautiful here; the sun is shining and I am feeling inspired.
Here's a little list of inspirations while this busy bee is crafting! xoxo.

1. pretty embroidery

via meezi

2. lovely little mushrooms

3. adorable felt

4. hearts, hearts, hearts

What's inspiring you today? Do tell.

super {flea} sunday.

Happy Sunday again loves! I'm coming to you today amidst a "tornado watch". Ooo! I'll admit it is super windy outside and the water out on the bayou is choppy, but I think we'll be ok.

How was your weekend? Did you do any thrifting or {flea}ing? My friend Christy and I went to the Goodwill after I went to the doctors on Friday and found some complete awesomeness!

You're looking at my brand new end table and coffee table.

The kiddos school chair was only $10 smackaroos and right now it's a rusty red orange color. I don't know how I feel about the color and the way it matches my decor, but I adore the way the paint is chipping. I may strip the wood and stain it; the frame is metal and that will probably get a shiny black coat.

The trunk is an old Army trunk, probably tossed to the side by some retiree. I was able to snag it for $15 bucks and it's the perfect hight and size we need. The best part are the old stencils on the sides and an id plaque. For now this is going to stay as is and if it doesn't work out, my husband has a new trunk to keep all of his gear! Woot!

I bought another little something too, but I'll leave it til next {flea}. What are your plans for this week? Since I'm feeling better I'm going to attempt some crafting, knitting, and perhaps a tutorial. xoxo

happy weekend.

Guess who went to the doctor today? This girl! I actually had to go to the ER, but I have some sort of odd luck and was in and out in about an hour. Ask any military wife; in a military hospital, that's quite a feat! (Ok I guess in any hospital that's a feat).

Anywho, turns out I do have a sinus infection (or the beginning of one) so the doctor gave me some lovely nose spray and praised me for using my Neti Pot. She said with constant use of that plus my medicine I should be better in a few days. I'm so grateful for all of your sweet comments and for sticking around while I get better.

This weekend will be full of snuggles on the couch and resting up, so next week can be super productive. I will for sure be watching Conan's last episode of The Tonite Show this evening; I'm terribly sad to see him go. And I have an amazing {flea} for you this Sunday! I'm so excited.

What are you doing this weekend? Have some fun for me, ok? See you soon. xoxo

...strikes again.

Sinus issues that is. I felt wonderful last week, but woke up yesterday with horrible face pains. I think it's a weather thing, so I cranked my humidifier last night, took some medicine and figured I'd be good to go.

Wrong. My face hurts worse than ever and I can feel it crawling up into my head and across my neck; not good. So I'm on the hunt for a Neti Pot. Have you used one? They look a little gross, but the results are freaking fantastic. You basically fill it with a saline solution, tilt your head, shove it in your nose and go. I know, I know it's gross; I didn't say it was pretty but it's damn affective.

I know I can pick one up at Walgreens on the cheap, but it's plastic and just plain ugly. I wondered if there were pretty neti pots out there and came across these beauties.

via jia wen

eep, isn't this one cute?

via eye-uh

This Etsy seller has some seriously pretty ones.

Who knew nasal irrigation could be so asthetically pleasing? I'm sorry, but I'm giggling just saying it. If you're looking for some clear sinuses though, give it a try! I just called the health food store up the street and turns out they have ceramic ones. Score! I'm about to walk my tush up there and hopefully have another post for you lovelies later today.

aw, c'mon guys.

I got three responses to yesterday's post; you should be ashamed for reading it and not leaving me some love. Just kidding, but I still want to hear from you, so I'm going keep todays post lovely and light. Head on back to yesterdays post and let me know what inspires you.

Scampi (who is adorable) and her ukulele have been popping up on all sorts blogs, sites, and whatnot. So I had to see what was up. She's damn good; who else do you know that can tear up an Akon song on the uke? Scampi sure can. Enjoy her little rendition of Regina Spektor and leave me that comment below! (doooo it).

I just love the way she's always smiling and giggling; like some personal joke we don't quite get yet.

goals & inspiration.

So I want to hear from you today. I want to know what motivates you to reach your goals. Is it a person in your life? Is it an object? I want to hear all of it; even the little things. What inspires you to keep going for your dreams; even when things get rough?

I've been feeling hardcore inspired the past few weeks in a way I haven't felt before. I have some personal goals and inspirations I want to share with you all this week, but today is about you! I want to know what it is that makes you feel creative and what gives you that extra push to keep going.

Viva Conando.

Are you with Coco? I'm with Coco.

Artist Mike Mitchell is obviously with Coco and has started a frenzy designing this awesome poster for Conan supporters. There are now rallies planned via Facebook in cities all over the states.

Which side do you fall on? And advance warning; if you aren't with Coco, I'm not so sure we can be friends. Just kidding....but seriously.

super {flea} sunday.

Happy Sunday lovelies. How was your weekend? Mine is not quite over; my husband has a 4-day weekend and we are having a blast hanging out together and being silly.

Here's the latest of my globes, for this weeks {flea}. It's a different color than the the others I have, but I so adore it for that very reason.

I also snagged these trivets while I was in Kentucky over Christmas. The colors are really great and I love the faux bois border. I bought two of them for $5 and one will eventually make its way to my cousin. Our Bubbie used to wake us up during summer vacations by standing in the hallway and saying "Moooorrrning Glory". These instantly made me think of her :)

A quick in and out today; I'm so sorry to share and run. Leave me a little love, I'm dying to know what you did this weekend. xoxo.

the lovely bones.

It's rare that I post on a Saturday, but I wanted to tell you all how much I enjoyed The Lovely Bones. The book is one of my all time favorites, so I was a little nervous the movie doing it justice.

via imdb

My favorite part is the dreamlike portrait of 'the inbetween' that Alice Seabold paints and I'm no movie critic, but I thought Peter Jackson did a really fantastic job of bringing that painting to life. The imagery and special effects were breathtaking to say the least.

Mark Wahlberg was a super convincing Jack Salmon. I'm also really hoping to see the actress who played Susie, Saoirse Ronan, in more films; she's such an unusual beauty. Cool fact, her name is Saoirse, but you pronounce it Sa-nerch-a, sweet, right?

via imdb

I think my favorite part was not only the dreamlike imagery, but the constrast of the vivid colors of that imagery compared to the color and feel of the scenes on earth. Everything was very 70's, but the colors were really subdued.

I do have to say I didn't care for the ending and some of the other very important parts of the book they left out. It was a disappointment to see Jackson have put all of his focus on Susies killer and the imagery and instead left out some really, really important details. The second half seemed disjointed and I do think it's because of the this. I also think the movie would have been better suited as a rated R, rather than PG-13. The books content is obviously heavy and mature, but it's clear that was watered down for the younger audience.

via imdb

 Have you seen it yet? Have you read the book? I'm so interested to hear what you all think too.

PS. So I'm reading some bits online and it's getting horrible reviews. Roger Ebert called it "a deplorable film"...ouch.Seriously, read the review, I'm not sure he a) read the book or b) "got it". Now I'm not saying some details weren't left out, but what novel to film doesn't leave a few important things out?. The imagery was enough for me; the reason this is my favorite is book is the feelings it evoked from me and the picture of heaven and the afterlife it created. I think there Jackson did a fine job in keeping with the book. But just a fair warning that critics everywhere are saying it sucks. Unsuprisingly, viewers are giving it an A+.

happy weekend.

My happy weekend is coming a bit early because I'll be busy, busy tomorrow. This week has been so super productive for me creative wise. I've done alot of drawing, crafting and knitting, so I need a little relaxation (not that all the crafting wasn't relaxing).

Are you going to see The Lovely Bones this weekend? I'll see it in the afternoon; I'm really excited, it's one of my all time favorite books. Then I'm spending the evening having drinks with some of the girls.

The rest of the weekend will be spent hanging with my husband and possibly doing this adorable wreath I saw on The Purl Bee. Pretty, right?

All of the directions are on their site if you wish to join along! I also hope to finish up my shawl in time for the {flea} on Sunday. What are you up to this weekend? Leave something fun you'll be doing for me. xoxo

forever young.

....I want to be forever young.

Forever Young is one of my favorite songs and was a strong contender for us as first dance at our wedding. I don't particularly care for the original Alphaville version, but I just saw that Jay-Z has redone the song and I love it.

via youtube

My all time favorite though is still the Youth Group version and will always hold a special place in my heart.

via youtube

So let's dance in style, let's dance for a while.....Heaven can wait we're only watching the skies. Do you have preference or a sentimental jam you want to share?

i heart quatchi.

I'm getting pretty excited for this years Winter Olympics in Vancouver. I was browsing on their official website last night and squealed with glee over their mascot Quatchi.

Isn't he adorable? Who doesn't love a friendly Sasquatch.

According to the Olympics site Quatchi loves hockey, photography and traveling. Apparently he also adores those bright blue earmuffs because you never see him without them. He pals around with Miga ( a sea bear) and Sumi (an animal spirit).

The adorable bunch was designed by Vancouver based graphic designers Meomi (check out their site, it's sooo cute). I really like the fact that the Vancouver Olympics motifs play alot to their native people and traditions and that Meomi was smart enought to play into some of their famous legends.

Visit the Vancouver Olympics official mascot site, especially if you have kiddos; there are all sort of adorable illustrations and activities. Shoot, even if you don't have kids, I had fun.

I'm thinking this little guys is going to make his way into my mailbox very soon.

Do you get into the Olympics? I'll be doing some more posts about them, along with the Ravelympics; so get excited with me!

on a roll.

I've on a creative roll this week, so todays post with be full of knitted inpiration. I'm tearing through some knitting projects (for me, in keeping with my resolution) and am working on a few big secret projects! I can't wait to share them with you.

What's inspiring you lately? I want to hear what you're working on these days? Enjoy the pretties.

I'll take one of each please...

all via weheartit

oh, how pretty.

Do you Regretsy? When I've had a rough day I always head over to Regretsy and belly laugh until it hurts over the hilarious items that get posted. 'Helen Killer's' sense of humor is just my style.

This weekend she had a contest where readers designed fabric swatches with images from some of the horrendous crap featured on her site. The winner received three yards from Spoonflower, pretty much my new favorite site.

Spoonflower lets you create your own custom fabrics from images or graphics. You just upload, move some stchuff around until you find a design you like and order away! They sell every thing from swatch samples to fat quarters for quilting and by the yard fabrics.

Cute, right?
via spoonflower

And if you aren't so inclined to make your own, order some fabric that another lovely dreamed up. I'm ready to start sewing now! There are some seriously pretty things on that site.

Gah, I must have this!
via spoonflower

They aren't all whimsical like this either (I just adore these), there are some serious graphic prints, striped, and abstract for your home or clothes or anything you can dream up.

Check them out; leave me links to your favorite patterns and tell me what you'd make. I'm off to be creative, see you tomorrow!