super {flea} sunday.

I couldn't ask for much more of a lovely Sunday. Gold medal worthy hockey is on, the sun is shining and I have a super cute {flea} to share with you!

Josh and I ventured to two new thirfts yesterday. Two! I'm laughing as I tell you how wonderful they were because I swear it's a jinx. Everytime we've moved I discover the most amazing place mere weeks before we move. The antique shop down the road from me house? New owners and amazing prices. The Waterfront Mission? Huge. It's a sick, sick taunt. You don't have to wonder though if I enjoyed it.

Lookee what I found! I'm so excited, my very first polaroid and I only paid $5 bucks for it! It makes dropping a pretty penny on the film worth it.

I cannot wait to use it. Who knows maybe I'll diy it like this pretty.

I also found some super lovely pillow cases. Two sets and one stray. The pretty poppy set will probably end up on my bed.

There was a huge stack of records at one shop and Josh lovingly helped me go through most of them. I snagged this for no reason other than the absolutely gorgeous album cover. The record is actually German songs, but this pretty cover is going up on the wall.

Have you found any {flea} finds lately? I sure hope so, I always love a new treasure. Enjoy a lovely afternoon, perhaps pop over to my flickr and say hi! I'll be updating all day.

be still my heart.

Ooo Sunday always brings something lovely. I spyed this amazingly beautiful stop motion video on Ms. James' blog and my heart nearly stopped. It's just full of whimsy; my favorite part is where she falls through all of the little collections (did I spot toy soldiers?) and get's wrapped up in the yarn (gee, wonder why).

The colors are so pretty. You really must watch.

Amazing right? Right. And it's A Fine Frenzy. Her voice is oh so lovely. I hope this finds you at the beginning of a beautiful day. Please stop back in a little bit for Super {flea} Sunday.

Ps. I'm so sorry that this video is off center. I have no clue why. Do you? Grr. Please click on the Youtube link above to watch it in all it's glory.

needlebook diy + friday = happy weekend.

Happy weekend lovelies! I'm in an exceptionally good mood today; Josh finished his last day of training school today (a big accomplishment). I sipped on a lovely little Red Bull and created a pretty weekend diy for you!

This little needlebook is perfect for using up scraps. It's cute too, so you can take a sewing project with you everywhere. Just gather up your supplies; felt scraps, a teeny doily, a needle and thread (I used embroidery floss), a fabric pen, and scissors. You'll also need a way to sew, I used my machine, but you could do this by hand too.

First cut all of your scraps about the same size. I only used four pieces so the project doesn't get too bulky.

Then sew down your embellishment by hand. I used a little doily but you could use felt cut outs, a contrasting fabric, or embroider right into the felt (I so want to do that next.)

After you fasten the doily down securely, draw a tab onto the felt with a fabric pen.

Cut out your first layer around the tab and shape of your embellishment. Then cut out the other squares in the same shape. Don't worry about being super precise, you can trim later, but make inside "pages" a bit smaller.

See how unprecise I was? Ha, really I'm terrible at using scissors.
Next decide on your color order and stack each page so the tops of the tabs line up.

Your final step is to sew right across the bottom of the tab so it forms a little binding. Finish up by trimming all around the edges for a nice clean line.

Voila! You have a cutesy little needlebook to hold your pins and sewing needles.

I plan on embroidering  the doily with an initial for my friend, but I don't want to give it away :P If you make one, I'd love to see it! Be sure to leave me a comment below!

Do you have weekend plans? Josh and I are headed out to spend a weekend celebrating and enjoying some of our last sunny Florida moments. See you Sunday for the {flea}!

a friendly find.

I love when someone leads me to a link and it's turns out to be almost personal in a way. Morgan (woohoo Indie Business classmates!) left a comment about some of my knitting inspiration.

That led me to artist Daniela Edburg's series called Killing Time. They are super powerful images of seemingly nuclear families playing amongst a nuclear war. I couldn't help being attracted to these two and the strong political statement.

I really like the hardness of the bomb, but the softness of  the connotation of knitting and yarn. There's something about trying to feminize and soften something so hard and masculine. I probably felt that little personal pull also, because I not only heart knitting, but because of Josh's job in the Army. The other images are just as amazing

Thanks Morgan for the totally awesome find!

Any other Friday finds we should know about? See you in a bit for a d-i-y and a happy weekend greeting!

video crush no.4

Video Crush day was so much fun! I totally enjoyed sharing my favorites with you. My last video crush of the day is an indie movie. I love me some Hulu and I often come across some amazing films. Alexandra's Project was a winner at the Montreal Film Festival and let me tell you, it's a total mind twist. I walked away boggled.

I will, however, tell you this; it's almost two hours long and a little slow in the middle; there's nudity and you probably shouldn't watch it in front of the kiddos. But it's tense and dark and opens up to realities that some people don't often consider. Sure, it's a little over the top, but hello, it's a movie.

If you decide to watch the whole shebang, let me know what you thought.

via hulu

Video Crush day has allowed me to get lots done and I still had so much fun. Come back tomorrow for some super cute inspiration and a d-i-y!

video crush no.3

Ok, when it comes to viral videos, I'm a sucker for three things: cute kids, kittens and something a little off the charts. I know the last one doesn't fit, but I'm always the girl to laugh at the craziest stuff. I know you have some funnies to share. Please leave me a good belly laugh.

Here's a bit of each to pump you up for the rest of the work day!

1. Cute kiddo + ukele + The Beatles = a grin you can't wipe off your face.

via youtube

2. Ok, so Simon's Cat isn't exactly a kitten. But it's still one of my favorite series of viral videos ever. Josh and I really like it because Hank does the same pawing to wake us up (we call it playing the piano) and the hilarious "mow" when he wants food. I swear if he could point to his mouth like that he would. If you've got a cat, you know.

via youtube

3. This one needs no prefacing. Just know that I laugh so hard I cry every time I see this.

via youtube

"The crack cocaine spider figured building webs was for suckas". Hilarious! The narrators seriousness is what gets me.

Hope they gave you a chuckle. Be on the look out for another video later!

PS. No one wants to play along? C'mon :P

video crush no.2

So I'm totally person who has to be in the movie theatre before the previews because I have to watch them. Lame, I know. But when I see the possibility of a really awesome movie, I get so excited! Don't tell me you haven't done that. Just me? Ok, fine.

My second video crush today is for the animated movie Despicable Me. I'm really excited mostly because some of my favorite funny people are in it. Steve Carrell, Russell Brand, Danny McBride and Jemaine Clement (luv).

via youtube

Do you have a movie you're really looking forward to right now? Josh and I have had a weekly movie date for a long time and we really enjoy seeing everything we can. See you after lunch for another video crush. xo.

video crush.

Good morning! Do you have any lovely plans for today? I'm going to be packing up more things for our big move, crafting and dancing around my house like the nerd that I am. Want to join in the fun?

 Today's Video Crush day. I'm going to share my favorites right now in music, viral, and film. Play along by adding your favorites on your blog and linking back to The 60/40. Leave me a post in the comments so I can watch all of your favorite stuff when I crash at the end of the day!

I'm going to start with the new video by Vampire Weekend, Giving Up The Gun. I have a slight crush on lead singer Joe Koenig (he's such a geeky dreamboat) and um hello, Jake Gyllenhaal is in the video (yum). Their new album is one of my favorites, I think you'll like it.

Let me know what you think and be sure to check back in about an hour for another video!

lovely knits.

I haven't posted about any knits in a while, huh? Well today it is ugly and dreary outside and all I want is some tea and my knitting. Are you currently making anything? I'm thinking maybe if I start one of these knits, Spring will appear.

I usually don't like phone cozies, but this one makes me smile.

via cotton and cloud : pattern via ravelry

Did you see Melynda's Girasole Blanket? It looks like the coziest thing ever! I'm inspired and envious all at the same time.

via french press knits : pattern via ravelry

I see a Danger Craft monster in my near future. Baby monster, squee!

via danger crafts : pattern via ravelry

I'd love to knit the Springtime Bandit scarf, as long as it doesn't actually steal Spring away.

via kelbourne woolens : pattern via ravelry

Did I ever tell you I have a problem with scarves? I have an insane amount of patterns lined up and I still insist on buying them too.

I know alot of knitters love socks, I just have no desire. But these are so damn pretty. They remind me of tracks coming down a ski slope. Like the photo in this post, right?

via yliveto : pattern via ravelry

You know, I'm sort of digging this citrus and gray color scheme. So pretty and refreshing. What's keeping you inspired today? I could use a push today for sure!

nothing short of ordinary

Nothing super exciting happening here today loves, nothing to look at. I've been listening to Joanna Newsome on NPR's First Listen and doing a little reading. It's sunny and bright outside. What has filled your day?

Getting ready for this move is consuming much of my time and I'm having a hard time deciding when to pack up all of my craft things. But, but, I don't wannnaa. Can you hear me whining about it?

And while there are snaffus and issues we're dealing with, I'm grateful the Army is giving us this chance to move somewhere that is simply amazing.

all via we heart it

Next week will be even busier; apologies in advance for crazy posting schedules over the next month. There will still be many posts, I'll have some awesome tutorials and inspiration for you. And once we get settled, you're gonna flip for some awesomely new stuff!

Now I am off to make some dinner and gather more things to be packed up. Wanna help? I can pay in beer.

mixed up.

Did you used to make mix tapes when you were a kid? I still have all of mine, they have all sorts of doodles all over them and probably some Lisa Frank stickers. It's kind of a special moment when you finally put together the perfect mashup of songs, don't you think?

I wish I still had a cassette player so I could make tapes. But I do have my record player and a computer. What are you listening to these days? Give me anything, a song, album, band. I need some mix music in my life.

I just preordered this little ditty. They're on my all time favorite list.
via amazon

I'm off to listen to something that will make me smile and craft. Be sure to let me know what you're listening too!

people in glass houses....

....have a fantastic view! I saw this little pretty over on design*sponge and think it's a great option for those of us that can't build tree houses or teepees. Just make sure to keep clear of any stones.

Can you believe this was the beginning?

I'm trying to finish up a d-i-y for you today, but the sunshine is out and calling my name. Have a happy afternoon, see you back here later.

good things are coming.

Does something look different to you?
 Look right.
......A little more.
What do you see?

Not that I don't think you aren't astute, but you may notice the blog roll is missing. That's my 'little announcement', which is really a big tease anyway.

See the missing blogroll will soon be replaced with a more streamlined edition. This will be the first of quite a few changes here at The 60/40. That's the "tease" portion and now my mouth is zipped.

all via we heart it

I am anxiously awaitng our move in a month and some wonderful things to follow. I think posting on the road will be so much fun, there will be so many things to see and share. I really do hope you'll join me and spread the word.

Are you looking to see more of something here? If so, I want to know. Be sure to look for the new blogroll and other exciting announcements soon, soon, soon!

super {flea} sunday.

Hey, hey {flea} lovers. How was your weekend? Mine was pretty productive. I also finally ventured into a used bookstore up the street from me this week. I feel like I always discover the best little shops right before moving away.

I'm trying to buy all of my favorite books and the classics. Books I think my kids should read someday, and with the passing of Salinger, I walked home with a copy of Franny and Zoey and Nine Stories. No fancy covers this week, just good literature. I have a feeling I'll be in that store a bunch.
I <3 my owl book ends. Have those been on the {flea}, I can't remember?

Keep popping back today, I'm going to make a little announcement and have a fun little post to boot. xo.

happy weekend.

All this talk of winter sports has me feeling euphoric. I love freshly fallen snow and layers of clothes to keep you looking good and warm. What are your plans? I'll be eating Girl Scout Cookies like an addict and enjoying some quite time with Josh and in my craft room. See you Sunday for the {flea}!

all via we heart it

be weir{d}.

Ok, ok. I promise I'll stop with the men's figure skating after this. But how could I resist a post about Johnny Weir? He skates, he mouths off, he's fashionably fabulous, he's Johnny Weir.

What's your take? I can't get enough of him. His skate last night was insanely beautiful and he really knows how to add that extra "oophm" to his show (maybe it's the glitter?). I acutally thought he should have medaled, but what do I know.

His flamboyance is the best part. He has a show,  Be Good Johnny, have you seen? I hadn't known about it, but it is hilarious. He is constantly getting into trouble with his coach, laughing with his family and, I think, portraying all of the issues that come with being such a huge athlete.

And.....he cleans.

I really do enjoy his over-the-top attitude, but the show goes beyond that. He's just a good guy; helping out his family and friends, which is really nice to see (here's lookin' at you Tiger).

all via google

I read an article this morning about how he may trade in his skates for fashion (and one about how he loves lemon pledge and lady gaga). What do you think he should stick with? I'm looking forward to whatever he does as long as he keeps the glitter and sound bytes coming.

triple toe loop to gold.

Last night Josh jokingly asked if  could make a post about this:

The costume, not the man. Then I giggled because I think this outfit is ugly. But you know what I am going to make (part of) a post about the man. That's Evgeni Plushenko of Russia and I think he's a sorry sport.

Did you watch last night? Evgeni lost the gold medal to Evan Lysacek and is raging about it in the media today. I say, get over yourself sweetie, I know they teach you sportsmanship in Russia. Watching men's figure skating is a bit like watching cats in shoes to me, but watching Evan was like watching a man do a fine waltz that happened to be on ice. Now I'm no expert but Evgeni skated for skill. Great skills yes, but there was no feeeeeling in his performance, know what I mean?

via google

I actually wanted this to be a cheerful post, I was going to poke a little fun at the costumes (Um, was Evan going to skate to Britney Spears with that snake) but I walked away last night feeling pretty disturbed about the Russian's behaivor. He seemed less than thrilled to even receive his medal and even "kiddingly" hopped up on the podium in the 1st place spot before jumping down to his place. What if an American had done that? There would be problems. During the playing of our anthem he himmed and hawed, rolled his eyes and shuffled his feet. Pretty sad if you ask me.  

via yahoo

Evan was the fresh air in all of this; he skated and acted like humble pie. One of my favorite things to watch during the Olympics is the medal ceremonies. Each athlete reacts differently. A little smile crept across Evan's face as the gold weighed around his neck. He grabbed it and stared like it was the first time he'd ever seen anything shiny. His superstitious Mom, who watched his performance from down the street!, cried in the stands.

It's pretty clear why he won and how deserving he is. I got all sorts of bummed to see the media littered with stories about the Russian's outrage this morning. Aren't you bummed?

There's one week left for the Olympics. What events are you looking forward to? How's the Ravelympics project coming along (don't ask about mine)? Heads up for a few more Olympics inspired posts before the weekend!

are we the same type?

You know what they say about great minds. I've been obsessing over this experiment since I saw it on Something's Hiding in Here earlier in the week and saw it on Poppytalk today. Do you ever do that? See something and then read everything you can about it until your brain hurts?

See, these scholarly types at Pentagram spent seven years researching the relationship between typefaces and personalities. That's alot of research. I had to take the little quiz; I love me some Helvetica and was unsuprised to see that the font it chose is quite accurate. So, what's your typeface? I'm Archer Hairline: emotional, understated, progressive, disciplined.

Did anyone catch the wooden hand in the video? Silly. I'll be back later tonite with a little inspiration. Have a fantastic afternoon.

a little wednesday d-i-y.

I'm really getting too excited for the Indie Business Class. The more I think about it though, March is going to be super stressful for me. We're moving; which means saying goodbye to friends, packing, driving. So to ensure I'll have a smile on my face the whole way through class I made a little homework folder.

It says "It's Indie Business Time" on the front. Name that band anyone? And I had some cute clock diecuts in my stash. I included the Craft Inc book in the picture too because I think it's a great read and will make a nice supplement to the class. 

When I popped the little cardboard pieces out for the holes, I just tacked them down to the sign. To keep all of my pages in I braided some white yarn and threaded them through (and because knitting i-chord takes forever)

The inside is super easy if you want to make one too. I simply use a stray piece of computer paper under the flaps to trace out the shape and cut the decorative paper a little bit bigger before sticking it down. An exacto tool cut out the holes.

The little banner has my name on it from some ephemera I had. I ran them through a sticker machine that I've had forever. I'm not sure I love the banner. I feel like the inside needs something else. What do you think? Any ideas for me? I do have some woodgrain contact paper that goes really well with the colors.

I'm hoping this pretty little folder is going to keep me motivated and happy while I make my way through the course. I think my chances are pretty good!

Are you making anything today? I hope to knock out a few more d-i-y's before the week ends. See you later.

the hi-fi rebirth.

Remember my little trip to Seaside? Well, we sort of had a reason for heading out that way. I really wanted to make a stop. It was for a good reason; I was in need of a music rebirth.

Central Square Records is so awesome and the owner Ed is really nice. I knew he could help me. See, I don't care much for digital music and it's put a damper on my relationship with music. All of the uploading, downloading, reloading, synching, list's exhausting. I just want to listen to some tunes!

I knew what I had to do; I needed a hi-fi rebirth. I thought about my favorite memories of music; sitting on the floor of the studio while my Dad deejayed on the radio for the better part of my youth; singing the Beatles at the top of my lungs in the car when I was four; organizing my mix tapes in the old suitcase my Mom had painted for me.

It all came back to one thing; real sound. After chatting with Ed, he confirmed what I had been pondering for weeks; I need vinyl in my life. So look what mama brought home.

Yummy, right? It's a Crosley and I'm in love! I bought a few albums and Ed kindly threw in some 45's. The sound is beautiful and full and I can't get enough of it. Music has never felt so good!

I'm on my way to a new record addiction and hope my Dad will send me some tunes out of his massive collection. What are your favorite music memories? Do you prefer your iPod or CD's? Let's chat, I want to know.