happy {halloween} weekend.

Happy Halloween Weekend.
Do you have plans or a costume? My husband and I will be celebrating with friends.
I hope you have a ghoulish one.

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trick or treat.

Do you prefer tricks or treats for Halloween?
I prefer a treat, undoubtedly.

Here's a bit of both for a little Halloween enjoyment.

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penquin classics.

I've resisted getting a Kindle or other digital book reader, simply because I like having books in my home. And since Penguin books has released these beauties in the US, I think I'll wait a little longer.

uk glory

These days I log into my Facebook and see Farmville and  Mafia Wars; but today Anthropologie brightened my day by posting pictures of their new store in London.

What's your favorite part about the UK? I've never been, but hope to someday.

What a clever use of tea bags.

For some reason this photo makes me very happy

The hash marks are so perfect!

animal farm.

I adore Etsy as much as the next gal.
I always look forward to the next featured seller and this week's is Tsurubride, a purse desginer I've been eyeing for a while.

Her Orwell collection is super fun; I love the modern take on the classic farm animals.

George would be proud.

I'm really torn between the sheep,for obvious reasons, and this black squirrel, the unofficial mascot of my college town; Kent, OH. I'll take both though (cough*Christmas*cough).

the fall classic

My dad raised me to love baseball, and Yankees baseball at that.
I was lucky enough to take my dad to the first game this season at the new Yankee stadium; you bet we both cried.

the new stadium via elbelbelb

You could say we're a baseball family; my pap, my brother, and my husband are huge baseball fans.

the old stadium via verlage photo

So every fall when the air turns crisp and the Yanks head to the playoffs, I get terribly excited.
When they won their series against the L.A. Angels on Sunday, I jumped off the couch and cheered.

via me :) taken so many years ago.

So tonite you'll find my husband and I glued to our tube, brew in hand, me cheering on the pinstripes (my husband most likely rooting against them); enjoying a fantastic fall classic.

Do you have any memorable baseball stories? They're always my favorite to hear.
Who are you rooting for tonite?

my impressionen

No, no 'impression' is not spelled incorrectly, it's just in German.
Katja of maedchenmitherz led me to a fantastic German shop, Impressionen.

I love these clever photo clip hangers.

And these display boxes.

With out knowing too much about the company, I'd say visually they're a Deutschland Anthroplogie; clothes, housewares, eclectic style.
Even if you don't speak German, head over there and enjoy the visual eye candy.

Tea cookie cutters? So cute.

all photos via impressionen

go ask alice: about tea parties

Everyone loves a little tea party with curious friends and delicious tea.
Especially as the Autumn weather gets cooler and cooler, I love curling up with a cuppa and chatting with friends.

What type of tea do you drink?
 I'm a fan of almost any type and I love loose teas, though chamomile and peppermint are my go to favorites.

Pick your poison here and here. Choose a colorful cup...

...and don't forget to wipe up any spills with a sweet little towel.

Even the Mad Hatter would be proud.

go ask alice: about knits

I think Alice would look lovely in some knits and apparently so does Vogue Knitting.
Their 2009 Holiday issue features a stunning article of beautifully feminine, Alice inspired knits.

Thru the looking glass, of course!

pattern : #24 lace beret

Who wouldn't tip a toast to those gloves?

I adore designer Kristin Rengren, her baby knits are fantastic!

Curiouser and curiouser this little braided cowl. It's very high on my to do list.

pattern : #29 braided cowl

All pictures and patterns via Vogue Knitting

go ask alice: about style

Alice in Wonderland is a beloved story for me and Halloween always gets me thinking about that little door, tea parties, and the Cheshire cat.

What's your favorite part of Alice? For me, there has always been something about that bright blue dress.

via maoam x

Looking for your own dress? Try this one or ooo, this one too!

where'd the day go?

Holy moly, my day went quickly. How was your Monday? I know it is a bit late, so I'll keep it short today.

I spent the afternoon doing a little shopping with my friend Shannon.
This morning at knitting I cast on my very first hat!
Knitting in the round is super simple and I can't wait to move on to more challenging projects.

via tiny purls : pattern via i like lemons

I'm off to enjoy The Shining with my husband.
Check back tomorrow, I'll be posting a few zombie photos.

via not hip : pattern via the shetland trader

super {flea} sunday

I hope your weekend was absolutely fantastic.
Mine was lovely and I'm really, really excited for the Sunday {flea} today!
This week's edition also happens to accompany some really great news.

Last week I discovered the best antique market here on the Emerald Coast.
Bienvenue Vintage Home is insanely large, perfect for hours of roaming through the antiques and fabulous vintage finds.

And this week....I work at Bienvenue! I was in the perfect place at the perfect time.

Steve and Richard, the owners and my bosses, are exceptional antique dealers who have an eye for the unusual and this utterly amazing ability to put together interior spaces and vingettes that make you want to bubblewrap it and and plop it into your place, as is (makes me wonder what their home looks like).

I feel extremely blessed to have snagged a job there and I have a feeling I'll be learning alot.

If you're ever in the area, be sure to visit them.
I'll leave you with some snapshots of their beautiful store.

Being a seaside town, we have to play it up a bit. What's better than a bathtub full of starfish?

One of my favorite booths is filled with kitschy camp finery: Plaid tin lunchboxes and old boy scout uniforms. Perfectly masculine.

This will be mine someday. It's French and I think one of the most amazing pieces in the store.

Even the counter (we call it 'the nest') is adorned with crystal chandeliers and old glass display cases.
I still cannot get over the brackets, they look like they belong there together.

I want to hear about your weekend too and any of your awesome finds.

happy weekend

Hope you catch a few extra zzz's. Enjoy your weekend.
See you Sunday.

freaky friday

Hey, hey, it's Friday! Are you ready for the weekend?
I am very much ready.

In fact, it just hit me that there is one week until Halloween.
I don't know if it is the Florida weather or what, but I haven not put a thing out aside from these little cuties:

After the Zombie Walk on Saturday I hope to put out a few Halloween decorations.
I have a large rubbermaid tote full of stuff, but I think I will only put out my favorite things since the day is so close, carve some jack o' lanterns and call it a Halloween!

What did you set up in your house? I am looking for some good carving ideas too, so send them this way!
I'm really looking forward to relaxing with my husband and enjoying a Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale.

I hope your weekend is just as great! Be sure to check back on Sunday for Super {flea}; I have some really exciting news!

the zombies are coming

I love Halloween and I love a good costume.
This year my husband and I, along with some friends are participating in a local Zombie Walk.

That's right; we get to dress up like zombies and shuffle down the street in attempt to break the Guiness World Record for 'Largest Gathering of Zombies' (currently held in  Ledsbury, UK).

Of course I've been searching for the perfect costumes, make-up and zombie shuffle ever since.
In my search I came across alot of very cool and eerily beautiful zombie pictures.

I feel like this zombie is hailing a taxi.

This entire set by Robyn Walsh is surreal and eerie; check them all out.

Seattle Zombies still love their coffee.

What an adorable zombie child.

To find a local Zombie Walk near you, hop over to this site.

What is your Halloween costume? Any big plans? I want to know.
And if you're unprepared for the Zombie Apocalypse, I highly recommend you read The Zombie Survival Guide.

Be sure to check back, I'll have pictures of our Zombie Walk and a costume how-to.

easy peasy d-i-y

I'm having a completely lazy day, but be sure to check back tomorrow for some ghoulish Halloween fun.

If you feel like taking it 'easy peasy' like me this evening, why not hop on over to Design*Sponge and try one of these projects. Little effort, big impact, I love it!

Dress your door with this awesome monogram

Or dig around in your recycling bin and dress your table. I love these.

See you tomorow.

repurposing for pleasure

It should not come as a surprise that yarn is welcome in my home; and that it somehow magically breeds like bunnies. If you aren't carefully organized it will take over your whole house.

Old library card catalogs may be the answer for me and maybe for you too.

There are plenty to be found all over the internet. The drawers are plentiful, their size just right.
Not to mention that they're gorgeous, with their warm patinas and shiny fixtures.

I adore the colored cards slipped into the slots.

I'm really drawn to the idea of using useful pieces of furniture for unconventional uses.
Whether you are looking to keep your stash in line, crafts, or knick knacks, consider going 'old school'.

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Look for solid wood, check for stability, and be sure to measure so it will fit in your space.
I may have found 'the one' on my local Craigslist, cross your fingers for me.