smitten by spring florals.

Spring is here and one of my favorite emerging trends is vintage floral patterns. If it were up to me I'd live in an ultra girly house with a floral couch and curtains and a floral outfit. Somehow though, I think my husband can only take so many flowers. But I plan on sneaking some cuteness into our new house (yes, you read that right, we found a place to live!) and my wardrobe this spring.

 I'm smitten over these floral shades. Too cute.

Squeal! I wish they acutally made this!

Oh Anthro, why must this bag be so expensive?

Miss James is always making vintage look modern and fresh.

and these cute shoes just make me smile.

Be on the look out for handmade and vintage floral lovelies this spring. I know they'll make me happy long into Summertime! xo.

springfield suprise.

After visiting St. Louis on our trek across the states, I had one simple request. I only wanted to stop in one town, at one shop, for a little while. It wasn't along our route, but Josh suprised me by jumping on a different highway; destination: Springfield, MO.

When we got off the excited I started to get more than a little excited. I don't imagine many people travel hours out of their way to visit one little shop, but I'd gladly do it again.

You might have already guessed, but my suprise destination was Elsie's amazing shop Red Velvet Art!!! And let me tell you, the shop is cuter, brighter, and more fun in person!

My heart was a *teeny* bit broken as Elsie was out doing something fabulous I'm sure, but her adorable Spring collection was in full force and I was happy to pick up a few cute prints for myself and some little cuties for my friends.

Her space is so inspiring. Everything you see online is perfectly places in cute little bowls, baskets and hung along the brightly colored walls. I can see why Elsie and her friends want to spend all their time hanging out there.

 The sweet girl working in the shop took my picture. I think she thought I was a tad crazy when  I told her I traveled from Florida to get there.

I wish I had snapped a better picture of those oh-so-famous woodgrain chairs. They're my favorite.  You can also see the brightly colored pink curtains in Elsie's upstairs apartment from the street. Her whole building just oozes cuteness!

Here's me out front. I really wish my husband would tell me when silly things like my shirt being tucked up like that happens. Silly me.

I'm sure I'll be making a trip home to PA at some point and will be stopping by RVA again and who knows one of those days maybe Elsie her self will be there! If you get a chance to stop by, totally go for it, she really is making the world soooo cute.

See you tomorow for all sorts of pretty Spring inspiration!

the perfect garden.

I'm so happy to be able to share the fun little things I've been discovering here with you all.  A new town is so excited and often the little things I get excited about just need to be shared!

As we've been looking for a new home, Josh and I have come across all sorts of cool little nooks and crannies that Colorado Springs has to offer. Today we stumbled across Garden of the Gods; a breathtaking park seen from all across town. The views are unbelieveable; something you'd expect to see in National Geographic, not your back yard.

Here are some pictures I took of the area; I felt so inspired by the red rocks and steep faces. I have a feeling Josh and I will be hiking many of the trails in the days to come. I feel so blessed to live in such a pretty place.

Pikes Peak on a warm day. I love still being able to see the snow.

 This is Garden of the Gods. You can see why they named it such; it really is Colorado Eden.

 My lovely husband posing for a photo op. You can't help but smile at that view.

Here's me in the last clean clothes out of my suitcase. I felt like Britney Spears on those rocks

All throughout the gardens are dozens upon dozens of trails and paths to hike, bike and climb. There were lots of people, yet some area were completely silent and secluded.

I wish you all could see how steep this rock face is. You literally drive right up too it and think it's going to fall over on top of you. There were plenty of rock climbers taking advantage of the sunny day.

Isn't it pretty? Do you have a favorite local spot to be quiet and creative? I think I'll have to find myself a place nestled amongst the rocks.

See you later this evening for a little insight into a special pitstop I made on our trek. Have a great start to the week!

super {flea} sunday.

Happy Sunday loves; I have missed you all so very much. I am so looking forward to sharing my last two Road Trip Crafts with you, but the pictures are not quite right yet. So in the words of Wilson Phillips "hold on for one more day". They're coming your way super soon!

In the meantime I have a throwback {flea} for you. I had to dig back into the archives for these finds.

I have this little obsession with quirky little planters and when I came across this adorable little lamb over Christmas time I couldn't say no. The yarn she's hugging was dyed by my cousin as a present. Too sweet.

Short but sweet today. I love rediscovering little things from a few months back.

This week we'll be looking for a place to call home and I'll be scouring the town for a {flea} or two. Please send good vibes our way that we find the perfect little place. I'm so ready to get my things all set up and put all of the inspiration I found on our cross country trek to good use!

Come back tomorrow for some site seeing in my new town and a little suprise! xo.

happy weekend.

There will be a bunch of cute posts this weekend, so look out! I have two Road Trip Crafts for you and a little update on what I've been up too. What are your weekend plans?

We'll be looking for a house in our new town, but for tonite I'll be snuggling up under some comfy hotel covers watching the snow fall on Pikes Peak. I've lived in a snowy state my whole life, but today I watched something I've never seen before; the snow bluster on the peak all day then slowly envelope the mountain side and all of the little houses down the the mountainside and eventually, us. It's too beautiful for words.

This is a picture of Pikes Peak, visible from all over town. I'm a blessed gal.

Thank you all so much for being so patient and lovely while I move and get settled. It means so much to me to come here at the end of everyday and see your sweet comments. There are really big and wonderful things coming to The 60/40 in the next few months, I hope you'll keep coming back!

Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you tomorrow. xo.

too late.

It's so late and we just got into our hotel for the night. Thanks goodness we have a short trip tomorrow and a late check out. I just wanted to pop in and say "hi". Tell me how your day was? I'll see you bright and early tomorrow with two great posts! Sweet dreams. xo.

road trip bingo d-i-y.

I spent a rainy afternoon in my Aunt's sunroom making Road Trip Bingo for Josh and I to play on the next leg of our trip. So gather up your supplies and play along, or bookmark this post for your next trip.

Grab your Road Trip Craft Kit, you'll need the following supplies:

1. Enough post card sized paper for each person playing, plus 1.
2. A pencil and black marker.

Using your extra sheet of paper grid your paper into a dozen squares with a long large block at the top. You can do more or less if you like, but twelve is a good number to keep the games moving quickly.

The most important and most fun step is next, decorating your Bingo card. You can let each player decorate their own with the same twelve items or decorate them ahead of time. Just be sure each card has the same elements, but in different spots.

To make sure we have optimum fun, I personalized the card for this leg of the trip. Thinking about the region you are heading to and the sights you'll see will be more interesting then just using generic items like "cows" for every space.

Feel free to use my spaces, left to right: 1. oil well, deer crossing sign, a historic building, a native american store, a state park, an antique shop, ducks, a vintage trailer, sheep, a world's largest attraction, a cave tour sign, a silo.

Lastly, all you need to play is a sharp eye and some loose change or the buttons from your kit to mark your spaces. First one to fill a row across or down, wins! Have a blast and be sure to check back tomorrow for a super special post and another cute d-i-y craft! xo.

meet me in st. louis.

Hi loves! I have missed you all bunches. What's new? We've spent the last few days in St. Louis with my cousins and Aunt, eating yummy things and having lots of laughs.

Here's my cousin and I catching a drink at her favorite place, Babe's. Can you tell we're family?

Today was perfectly sunny and bright. My cousins took Josh and I to a place called Gus's Pretzels. They're a little family joint that not only makes pretzels, but also hot dogs, bratwurst, and italian sausage inside of  pretzels. Seriously delicious stuff.

We took our noms and ate under the St. Louis Arch. It was the prettiest day to lounge on the steps and enjoy the greenest grass and Mississippi river views.

Here's Josh looking pretty scruffy. I dig a good beard.

And even though the river was high, Lewis still tipped his hat as we drove by.

It's been really, really nice to have family and friends along our route. Spending time with them is something we don't usually get to do, so we had no problem staying an extra day and enjoying the start of Spring with together.

Tomorrow we're on the road again. We'll be making a special little pitstop (I can't wait to share), then venturing into the flat prairies of Kansas; Kerouac's got nothing on me. Stay tuned, I've got a Road Trip D-I-Y coming right up! 

ultimate road trip craft kit.

We make alot of road trips, which I love, but when I found out our drive to Colorado was over 24 hours, I knew I was going to want to do more than knit. The movers lovingly packed up all of my fabric, crafts and sewing machine, but before they did I packed an awesome Road Trip Craft Kit.

Over the course of our trip you can pull these items and craft along with me or bookmark the post so you can make some cute crafts on your next road trip too. Sound good?

You'll need these few supplies: scissors, glue (I packed crazy glue and a glue stick), a black marker pen, sheets of paper (pre-cut to postcard size if you like), a needlebook with pins and needles, a handful of brightly colored buttons, black and white thread, a small amount of pretty yarn, and magazines for inspiration.

Pack everything up in a pretty bag and toss it in the car! Along with my knitting supplies Target's Liberty of London Duffle is the perfect size.

Over the next few days I'll be crafting and sharing some road trip d-i-y's, so be sure to check back tomorrow! We're off on the second leg of our trip. See you then, xo.

super {flea} sunday.

Happy Sunday loves! This weeks {flea} is being done on the fly, we're on the first leg of our trip and hanging out this morning with our wonderful friend Amy. She's making us a delicious brunch, so this'll be quick!

I found this vintage Polaroid Swinger camera on my last trip to my favorite {flea} in Florida. The booth owner was there and gave me a stellar deal, considering it came with it's original case and instruction booklet. All I need is some film and I'm off! I teared up at the counter as I made my final purchases, I'm going to miss my favorite {flea}, the kind people there and the amazing deals...I'm such a sap.

Be right back with, finally, my ultimate Road Trip Craft Kit! Can't wait.

one more.

I'm an extremely sentimental person and prefer to live my nostalgia in the moment so forgive me for my sappiness.

We have one more day in Florida; one more perfectly sunny, toes in the sand, salt in the air day. One more day to make the most of the laughter with my friends and our pretty little home on the bayou.

It's bittersweet, but it will be one of the greatest days in a while.

I will miss this view.

Lovely readers, I will see you, tomorrow with my ultimate Road Trip Craft Kit. Have an awesome day.

moving day.

My house is in chaos; the movers are here packing up and loading the truck. It's one of the perks of being a military family that I most enjoy; I'm not allowed to touch anything. They literally take things out of your cupboards, pack them, then put them back in the cupboards when you get to your destination. Nice, right?

So when I've talked about "packing" this while time, I was more...futzing. Putting all the books together, all the pictures together, and organizing in one spot everything we will gleefully shove in our car for our trek.

Send some well wishes our way that nothing important (aka anything vintage) gets broken! See you tomorrow with the world's greatest Road Trip Craft Kit!

ps. erin go bragh!

Happy St. Patricks Day! May you be in heaven a half hour before the devil knows you're dead.

pps. I've always wanted to move to the place my ancestors came from and live in a little place like this.

what to knit?

The movers are coming tomorrow, which means I'm being forced (literally) to pack up my craft room and decide what goes with me. I'm already working the worlds greatest Road Trip Craft Kit but I'd love to take 2 or 3 knitting projects with me.

Random pic I know, but it's been in my inspiration folder for a while and her hair is just so fantastic.

 Any pattern suggestions? I'd love to hear what you think I should knit in the car. I'm off to pack up my yarn and peruse Ravelry. xo.

give me liberty {of london} or give me death.

Did you run out to Target last week like I did for the new Liberty of London line? I must have looked like a total moron scooping things up in my hands and shouting like I was prepping for a disaster. I think at one point I even fell to my knees is delight.

I'm a big fan of the Go International designers; but this line is the first to span home decor, womens, childrens, and mens apparel. There's a bicycle people! The sweet vintage florals and modern color are the bees knees.

I sooo want to get my hands on this.

all via target

Scroll down  for my favorites in home decor, apparel and accessories. You should really run to Target right this second for a chance at some of the goodness! Let me know what you get. xo.

ps. if it looks like i'm pimping out this line; i am.

give me liberty {of london} or give me death.

The home decor is it for me. It's just "it". There are so many versatile pieces and each pattern is simply pretty. For our next place I really want the feel to be bright and airy and this line just embodies that. I can see using so many of the brightly hued pieces to brighten my rooms. I wish they had done a wallpaper, wouldn't that be amazing? Enjoy some of the pretty, pretty things.

This is my favorite pattern in the whole collection and the worlds cutest baby bedding.

If you can get your hands on these pillows, do it. They are super soft and the colors are uber vibrant.

The bowls look like huge cupcake liners. Genuis!

This little garden set is enough incentive to make any black thumb want to be green.

Can you tell I'm in love? This line is just too cute.

give me liberty {of london} or give me death.

Next up, womens and childrens apparel. Now let me tell you; I've been known to stalk Target for the release of their Go International lines and this is the best one I've ever seen. The bathing suits are to die for, and their little girls dresses (from toddler sizes through girls size 16) are the flipping cutest!

I've already got a dress and a bag, but hope to snag some more pieces and a couple of little girls things for my "someday" chest.

Here are my favorites, what are yours?

Oh that oilcloth tote is too cute!

I really want this little bed coat, it would be perfect for Spring mornings.

Ok, how cute is this little romper? Their prints just make me want to giggle.  I know a few little ladies who looks just to sweet in this.

all via target