happy weekend.

It's Friday and I'm so looking forward to this weekend. How about you? Josh and I will be watching some hockey, running and working on more projects around the house. Perfection!

I want to thank you all for being so excited about the latest project for This {Humble} Home! It made my heart shine to wake up this morning and see so many enthusiastic, kind comments. You guys are seriously the best!

I also want to wish my cousin, Johnna, and my friend ,Tameka, a very Happy Birthday! Only two people as fun and loving a you two would share a birthday. I hope it's filled with lots of pretty yarn.

Have the best weekend lovelies! I'll see you bright and early on Sunday for the {flea}! xo.

this {humble} home.

I'm so excited to be sharing a very special edition of This {Humble} Home with you all! This project was an awesome collaboration between me and Josh, and if I do say so myself, we rocked it!

In our old place in Florida, the guest room was my craft space; with a walk in closet, a dresser and built in shelves to hold all of my goodies. Sadly our new home has none of this and the guest room is just too dark!

I knew I wanted a desk in the loft where our living area is set up; it has killer light and killer views, but my folding table just wasn't cutting it.

You can see the amazing light in this picture, but this space is too big for just one teensy table.

After searching the interwebs for some inspiration, I came across Janny Pie's do-it-yourself monster desk and I knew I had to have it!

Two trips to Lowes (who were way more helpful than the other place), a quick trip to Target and a dozen measurements later, Josh and I were able to build a fantastic desk in just an afternoon, for around $150.

We had Lowes cut the MDF to ensure accuracy, but the rest of the cutting drilling and painting was done by Josh and myself. I couldn't have done this without my awesome husband, he was so encouraging and did all the heavy lifting. Thanks babe, I love you!

Look at him go! He's a pro with that drill.

The desk is made from cubbies, MDF, table legs and plywood for the skirting.

Janny Pie used larger cubbies and it was the same height all around, but I customized my desk to the space by using smaller cubbies and I dropped the table part down to accommodate my sewing machine (gotta reach that pedal!) and fitting under the window sill.

After it was complete, I shelacked it with primer and paint in a crisp white to keep it light and fun. The toughest part was finding room for all of my craft stuff; 8 of 12 cubbies are chalk full of yarn! A simple plastic drawer on wheels fits perfectly under the higher desk and is easily moved so I can reach my supplies.

I'm so very happy with This {Humble} Home project and in fact I'm sitting here right now typing to you; projects at my fingertips.

My sewing table is now the picture of perfection; happy and fun. The Liberty of London box holds all of my supplies so they're within reach.

Polly and Molly now reside on the window sill with teensy prints by Elsie Flannigan and The Noosed Kitty.

Here she is in all her glory! The cubbie desk is 6 feet long at bar stool height for plenty of working space and the sewing table is just over 3 feet.

The cubbies are a perfect spot for all of my yarn, organized by color for extra prettiness. Bins and boxes on the bottom shelves house my painting supplies, doilies and markers. The lip created by the MDF is exactly enough for my ball winder to always be out for easy yarn winding.

An old porta file is perfect for little notes and trinkets that will eventually fill the frame hanging just to the left and the top from one of candles is the perfect vessel for my embroidery floss.

I was super happy to be able to put my craft books out again; I missed my sweet little owl bookends.

The higher desk is the hub of the storage. The plastic drawer set houses just about everything and my Crosley turntable has a happy home; it's just too easy for me to craft and listen to my records now!

And this has got to be my favorite part; the view. I can stare out at the park behind our home while crafting in my studio until my heart's content!

This was a super satisfying project and I highly suggest using Janny Pie's template to customize a desk for your space. I started a trend amongst friends; my cousin made one the week after; my mom is itching for one and my friend Christy will build one this summer!

I'd love to hear what you think about This {Humble} Home project and I'd be happy to answer any questions about the building process or construction. There's still much to be done in this space; a new chair, an inspiration board and some art on the walls. But that my friends is a {Humble} Home project for another day. xo.

workin' it.

Today is going to be a super busy day. I'll be 'workin' it', if you will. How's your day looking? I'll be finishing up some knitting, mailing packages, collaborating with a very special foundation and tomorrow I'll have a new edition to This {Humble} Home for you! I'm so super proud of this project and I think you'll all really like it.

Until then, have an amazing Wednesday and keep smiling. xo.

PS. What the heck is up with the new photo uploader thing? Do you like it? (I don't, it's making my computer run uber slow!).


I'm not quite sure xylo-philia is a word, but I'm pretty much wanting a colorful xylophone after seeing this little ditty on Erin's blog Pear & Peacock (which you should totally check out 'cause it's adorable).

via pomplamoose on youtube

Pomplamoose kills it on the xylophone, don't you think?

So of course I've got xylo's on the mind and think these cuties could make pretty music and add a little happiness to your home!

These aged, colored keys make me smile.

Or a cutsie wooden keychain. Cause an actual xylophone hanging off of your keys might be a little much.

via run amok (awesome shop name!)

I remember playing the xylophone and recorder in school and sometimes the most simple instruments are the most fun! What do you think?

I have a busy day ahead of me; lunch with the wives in Josh's unit, a trip the thrift and prepping my next This {Humble} Home project for you! Get excited; it's a good one! Tell me what's inspiring you this week and what projects you have on your plate! Have a lovely day pretties. xo.

this native land.

This summer I'm completely inspired by Native American culture. From their handworked beading to the illustrious headdress, I'm in love. The natives of this land are a peaceful people and that's also something I strive to be. To kick off the week, here's some prettiness inspired by this land's people.

This picture says so much. Out of all the cultures in the world, I think Native American women are among the most beautiful.


I've wanted a teepee for quite a while; who's coming over for a Native inspired evening of fun?

This high fashion cutie is fierce, no?

Aren't headdress' the most beautiful thing ever? The intricate beading, leather, and colored feathers are amazing to me.

all via we heart it

Here in Colorado Native culture is abound. There are so many shops with beautiful turqouise, handwoven Navajo rugs and handcarved peace pipes.

Look for a Native inspire d-i-y in the upcoming weeks here at The 60/40! I hope this kicked off your Monday with a smile. See you cuties later. xo.

super {flea} sunday.

It's time for the {flea} again and this week I'm *so* excited! Doing the {flea} for you all is something I look forward to every week; the perfect way to end an always busy weekend!

I find this weeks {flea} a bit serendipitious. See earlier this week I posted about the Prententious Sunhat and my friend Chelsea at The Vintage Chair had just bought one. Then for Earth Day she had a Tea Party and posted some of her lovely tea sets; and wouldn't you know I had just snagged a very special tea set.

It isn't complete, but I'm hoping Chelsea will still come have tea with me! Made by Winterling in Bavaria, Germany this set dates back to the 60's and the happy mod start burst design matches my dining room perfectly!

I'm still on the hunt for the pattern name, since I'd like to purchase the missing two tea cups and saucers. Isn't it too cute? Anyone who's ready for tea, come on over!

Here's me being a total goon and without glasses. That almost
 never happens (the glasses part; I'm a goon on a regular basis).

Do you have a special tea set in your life? Was it a {flea} find or a special hand me down? I love hearing your stories.

See you all tomorrow; The 60/40 is going native! xo.

happy weekend.

Yesterday's Earth Day celebration was the perfect kick off for the weekend. This morning I woke up to a blanket of snow on the ground (yes, snow). Colorado is good at making you think it's Spring, then bringing you back down to Earth.

This weekend I'll be working on This {Humble} Home goodness and catching my first baseball game of the season with Josh! Nothing is better than a sunny Sunday afternoon game.

If you're looking for a weekend project, try yesterday's Reuse and Recycle D-I-Y or head out on the hunt for your own pretentious sunhat; Chelsea at The Vintage Chair has already scored an amazing one and Bri over at Little Miss Famous is on the prowl for a hat of her own! If you find one, I totally want to see.

all via we heart it

I had a post that went a little 'native' set up for today, but I think it will be the perfect way to start next week. Enjoy some random inspiration instead; have a happy weekend and see you Sunday for the {Flea}! xo.

into the co-op.

To wrap up Earth Day, I want to share with you something near and dear to my heart: Food!

It's no suprise that I love to eat, but it's super important to me that I know where my food is coming from. I don't want to get all preachy, but do you know where your food comes from?

If you need a little push, on an empty stomach, watch the amazing documentary Food Inc (click the link to watch it for free!). It was an eye opening experience for me and everyone I know who's watched it. It's shocking to know how animals, farmers, employees in the industry and our food is treated. Who really controls the USDA is twisted and a big motivator to me to vote with my fork!

In college I came across my first co-op and spent my summers buying goodies from them and local farmers at the Saturday Market. It felt good knowing that the money I was spending was going directly to the people I shook hands with. Spending my dollar with them meant I'd get yummy things week after week.

To take the co-op a step further I strongly suggest looking into a CSA ( community-supported agriculture). My CSA is Grant Family Farms, which I found on Local Harvest (it really is an amazing site).

Josh and I purchased a "single" share of veggies, a share of fruit, and eggs. Each week I can pick up a dozen different veggies, hand picked fruit and fresh free-range farm eggs, for 26 weeks. You can't get much closer to the earth.

Most CSA's ask that you pay up front, so they can afford to plant and harvest. The price can be shocking at first, but the money you save in trips to the grocery store and over priced, over processed food is significant. If you talk to the farmers, many of them will allow you to pay in payments and some even send out a list every week and you can pick and choose what you like, keeping within your budget.

Meat is the other end of the spectrum. In Food Inc they discuss how the everyday beef you buy from the store is raised; it's horrifying. There are only 13! meat proccessing plants in this country, which increases chances of diseases in meat.

Now I'm no PETA, but I do believe in respecting the animals in which your food comes from. I want to tell you all that in plains of Kansas, I saw "beef feed farms" with my own two eyes. It was terribly sad, thousands (yes, that many) of cows, shoved into tiny little pastures, not a speck of grass in sight but rather standing knee deep in their own feces. Ick!

And don't get me started on the smell; in Dodge City, KS, it was unbearable. Not that fresh, country drive, manure smell. It was death and hamburgers, and not in a good way. I didn't eat beef the rest of our trip.

We now purchase beef through Ranch Foods Direct and Lasater Beef. The option is available to purchase value packs through the farm, or from the local Whole Foods and Farmer's Markets. They ship all over the states, but Local Harvest can help you find a farm in your area.

You can taste the difference, friends. The beef is delicious, lean, and tender. If you see a sign by a local farm that says "Buy half a cow", get your family together and go in on it together. It's a great value and an amazing taste! If you like your steak, this is the only way to go.

Check you local markets out, check city regulations to see if you can start a small chicken coop (suprisingly easy). Visit local farms and ask them about their practices; if you seem put off, ask them to change.

I hope this didn't come off as "crazy preachy", but I know that I feel better, fuller and healthier by buying from the locals. You will to, so give it a try!

If you have any questions, please ask. I'd love to hear what you all think about Food Inc, the industry or food in general. If you'd like to see video I took of the feed farms, I have them and would be happy to email them along!

I hope you had a happy, enlightening Earth Day! I'll see you tomorrow for some 'native' fun! xo.

reuse & recycle d-i-y.

Shrinky Dinks are something I made growing up that still bring a smile to my face as an adult. With a little forethought and a sense of humor, you can easily reuse and recycle items in your home to make some cute key chains!

You'll need the following items:

- a plastic container, clean and free of stickers (I snagged a strawberry container out of my recycling bin)
- permanent markers
- a hole punch
Not shown:
-a cookie sheet
-parchment paper
-an oven
- key rings

First you want to cut apart your container. Using the smooth parts (with no holes), cut out the shapes you'd like to use. I choose a rectangle and a circle (haha, kind of, I can't cut a circle for crap!). Remember to cut your plastic much larger, as it will shrink.

Punch a whole in one corner so you have room for your key ring. It's essential you make all your cuts now, the plastic will become much thicker after the oven.

Next is the fun part! Color 'til your heart's content. For Earth Day, I choose a globe and the kitschy saying "love your mother".

Heat your oven to 255 degrees. While it's heating, like a cookie sheet with parchment paper and place your designs as far apart as possible. Don't forget to discard your left over plastic back into your recycling bin!

Open a window or turn on a fan and put the cookie sheet into the oven for 5 minutes. If you see one of your designs curling, be sure to flatten it quickly with a metal spatula!

Let them cool after removing them, then attach key rings. One curled up (I purposely didn't flatten it), but it still turned out pretty neat.

You now have adorable Earth Day inspired key rings and less waste than you started with! These make cute little gifts for friends, birthdays and is easy enough to do with kiddos!

If you make some Shrinky Dinks, I'd love to see them. We've successfully covered the 3 R's today and I hope you'll join me in taking action and loving Mother Earth!

I'll be back later this evening with a post about yummy local co-ops and one of my favorite documentaries. Happy Earth Day! xo.

everyday {earth} day reducing.

It's turning out to be a perfect Earth Day and I really want to share with you some ways to reduce today, tomorrow and hopefully, forever.

I want to tell you though, that while the 'go green' movement can be fadish, living an environmentally conscious life is a lifetime change that is easy and very rewarding. Don't feel overwhelmed to "go green" all at once; the least friendly thing you can do is throw out everything you have and start over. Use what you have and integrate slowly.

Now onto uber easy ways to reduce your impacts on the Earth!

Reduce your food waste:

Reduce your food waste by skipping the grocery store! Plant a little garden this summer, find a local farmer's market at Local Harvest and compost all of your scraps. How Does Your Garden Grow, has lots of great links and tips to get you started!

Reduce your trash:

By Recycling (cause you didn't guess that one)! Investing in a good Recyling program is not only good for the Earth, but can be alot of fun; my husband and I challenge each other each week to find new things that can be recycled.

Pick a program that recycles plastics #1-7 and if they don't, check the plastic containers before you purchase them. This may seem extreme, but once you get in the habit, you'll be able to spot that plastic #2 yougurt from across the store!

Also stop by Poppytalk to download their uber cute Earth Day Recycling labels!

Another great way to reduce your trash is to swap. Ask my girlfriends from high school on, I clean out my closet every few months and invite them over to go "shopping". Things that don't fit may fit them and in turn they may have some cute things for me! Donate what's left over to your local thrift shop.

Reduce your utilities:

I chuckle when I see "go green" TV commercials; "turn off the water while you brush your teeth,; turn off the lights". Sure, these things are responsible, but they should be common sense. These are things I was raised with and if you have kiddos, making these tasks into a fun game is an easy way to start them young!

Reducing your utilities is so easy to do and CFL's are a huge way to cut cost. CFL's were becoming all the rage in my first apartment in college. It was tough as a student to cough up the price for the bulbs, but I saw my measly $40 electric bill go down to $20! The best part? I'm still carrying around those CFL's four years later!

Also, try leaving your lights off as long as possible during the day. Open up your blinds, curtains and let the sunshine in!

Creating a rain barrel is also a super simple way to save gray water (non-potable water). This tutorial is uber easy; you can use the rain water to wash your car and water your plants.

 Try installing a low-flow shower head; they're cost outweighs what you save, which makes Mama Earth very happy. Many today also come with a special little button, you turn the shower on, it heats up, and when you press the button voila, an instantly hot shower. No more waiting for it to warm up (which wastes a ton of water).

all via we heart it unless noted.

Lastly, challenge your family to a 'quick shower contest'. Decide on a prize and record each person's shower time over the course of a week. At the end of the week, the shortest average time, wins! And so does your water bill.

You're well equipped and on your way to improving your impact on the Earth and saving some loot to boot!

See you after lunch with a Recyling D-I-Y!

happy earth day.

What a beautiful morning here in Colorado, it's so fitting for Earth Day! This is one of my favorite yearly celebrations and this year I want to share it with you.

Check back all day long, for inspirational ways to love Mother Earth; reduce, reuse, and recycle! See you in just a bit to kick things off. Who's excited?

shade yourself.

Looking for one of those pretentious sunhats? You'll shade your skin and look fabulous in one of these pretties this summer.

I how the simple woven pattern makes this hat extra beautiful.

And this picture just makes me want to drink Arnold Palmers and play golf.

What style do you adore? If you've got anymore leads, post them in the comments! xo.