crisp knits.

Wow, when is the last time we've talked knitting? It's been a while, but leave it to the arrival of Autumn to get my fingers itching for new cozy, crisp knits on my needles!

I have been knitting on a few things here and there, but alas I never make anything for myself. I'm really wanting a cute fall accessory to add to my wardrobe this fall. A short list is the hard part!

Jared Flood may be my favorite knitwear designer. Everything he does is so serene. Maybe it's his color palate, but I love how textured but non-bulky this Guernsey Wrap is.

via brooklyn tweed : pattern via ravelry

Bobble Bee anyone? This crochet pattern is as cute as its name.

via grace akhrem : pattern via ravelry

Jennifer of JayKay Knits is totally awesome and her Portland Cowl is delicious. I'm working mine up in a yummy alpaca blend.

via jaykay knits : pattern via ravelry

I'm not brave enough to have my hand at this cardi, but it sure is gorgeous. Would you attempt it?

via vogue knitting : pattern via ravelry

And just because you might want to spice up your decor, or whip up a little something for the kiddos, a sweet little pumpkin and this too cute trick or treat bag.

via jan lewis : pattern via ravelry

via the purling sprite : pattern via ravelry

I think it's time to grab a ball of wool. What yummy things are knitting as the weather turns? Hearing about my friends knitting makes me itch to sit down with my needles. I may do that just now.

Tomorrow is a big day, kittens. See you bright and early! xo.

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Unknown said...

oh rox, you're so sweet to include me in this :) congrats on the blogiversary! xoxo